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Our Cannabis Seeds shop is the original Dutch source for genetic heritage. Holland has been world famous since the 1970’s for raising the bar with Cannabis Cup winning strains. Spliff Seeds are proud to boast a genetic vault that works with a gene pool the original pioneers as Ed Rosenthal, Shanti Baba and Ben Dronkers. At our web shop you will find genetics ranging from original skunk phenotypes that made Amsterdam famous, the original AK, Jack Herrer, Super Skunk, Bubble Gun and Crystal White. Our online cannabis seeds shop is a very user friendly and easy to browse. You are able to choose from cannabis movies, growing cannabis, a choice of regular, automatic and female seeds, blogs, info and contact. As a new grower there are many helpful articles within the blog that will aid your new Spliff Seeds grow. In addition, you can subscribe to our newsletter and updates by adding your name and email. Spliff Seeds are also available to buy in any other online cannabis seeds shop.

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A High End Cannabis Seeds Shop

Spliff cannabis seeds Amsterdam started in 1995 and we have always maintained the highest standards. We have our seeds stored in a special environment where temperatures are kept between 2-5 degrees celsius, whilst humidity levels are kept are 5%. The reason we do this is to ensure the germination rate of our seeds are the best they can possibly be. If any problems do arise, batches can be easily removed and destroyed! Spliff Seeds works with batch numbers of seed stock which are clearly marked and stored. We do this in the event of eradication of seed batches that may not meet the highest standards.

Top Quality Cannabis Seeds Shop

Cannabis Seeds Shop With Best Strains Possible

With so many seed banks springing up all the time, we ensure our germination and succession rates keep our reputation above all the rest. Spliff Seeds boast a range of upto 30 strains and it is imperative we work closely with clones and mother plants, also having 30 years of breeding programs under our belt. We have spent over 20 years developing the best strains possible and now we are working with medical strains such as CBD Medical Kush, because we recognize the change in the cannabis world. All of our seeds are grown organically and vigorously tested to ensure unique selection takes place. When we first started, there were no such things as feminized or autoflowering strains. Only regular seeds that required growers to work with and remove males. Now in 2015, we are still introducing new genetics into the Spliff Seeds ’gene pool and always looking to make the latest and greatest for our loyal customers. We have always offered excellent value for money and Spliff Seeds are very proud of Our Cannabis Seeds shop.

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Discreet Cannabis Seeds Shop

Our Cannabis Seeds shop has always maintained an easy and safe approach to customer satisfaction. You can contact the team to answer and queries you may have. Our Cannabis Seeds shop offer secure and discreet shipping at your needs. As well as the high level of maintenance taken with our genetics, Spliff Seeds ensure they will arrive safely in a discrete padded envelope or small protected box, that will arrive along with your other mail directly in your letter box. The package you shall receive will also have a discrete shipper as the return to address, explained further on our website.

We understand how important discretion is, with 20 years experience ensuring our loyal customers receive our genetics as quickly and promptly as logistically possible. Payment is plain and simple and accept ideal, sofort, credit cards, bitcoins, bank transfer and cash payment by post in an envelope. All forms of payment are welcome at Our Cannabis Seeds Shop! Promoting a family feel within our company, we are well known for sitting down with customers face to face in our Amsterdam based office, prior to making an appointment by email or call. All of our seeds are available on the ground floor store where our office is based and is easy to find, so remember this the next time you are near our Cannabis Seeds shop.