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AK Automatic Cannabis Seeds
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AK Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



AK Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. AK x Dutch Blue Automatic. Our fastest finisher with a short, bushy structure and one dense cola. Slightly fermented taste with hints of sweet fruit.

By crossing our AK (Colombian, Thai, Mexican and Afghani heritage) with Dutch Blue Automatic (Ruderalis, Northern Light, Santa Maria, Blueberry and Afghani heritage), we have created the AK Automatic, our fastest autoflowering strain.

AK Automatic is a light feeder that is very easy to grow and barely has a vegetative stage. She is short and bushy and will form one principal cola with a few smaller side branches. The long, candle-shaped colas are covered in trichomes and fill out during late flowering. The first signs of flowering will appear around the fourth week. To achieve the full potential of this strain please stick to a 20/4 light schedule.

Outdoors, AK Auto will yield around 100-120 grams per plant in southern Europe and around 30-100 grams per plant in the Netherlands. She will be ready in approximately 10 weeks after germination.

AK Automatic has a fruity, floral aroma and taste. The effect of this strain leans towards a sativa: a slight body stone with an amazing head high. Great daytime smoke that can be very effective against stress and depression.


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Delivery speed differs per country. Deliveries within Holland will generally take 1 to 3 working days upon payment. Delivery speed for Europe; 3-14 working days. Delivery speed for the rest of the world; 7-21 working days. Please have this in mind, before contacting us to find out where your order is.

We ship worldwide, except for the USA. It will be packed in a discreet padded envelope or a small cardboard box that will fit in your mailbox. The package will also have a discrete shipper as return address.

6 reviews for AK Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Weeds Man

    شكراً سبليف بيض الله وجهكم شي فاخر كنت احلم اني اجربها وصلت بكل امان وسلالة اي كي اوتو سريعة كلاشنكوف اسم على مسمى
    حاسس نفسي بكوكب تاني

  2. Sion

    I grew the ak auto for 8 weeks and she came out beautiful very tropical smells on her lots of resin and a good yeild I grew her in a 3 litre pot and came short of just under an oz so that’s pretty good for me if you bu these seeds you will be more tha. Happy as I was ?

  3. Jonson

    After a full grow and cure, Spliff Seeds’ Auto AK produces potent flowers from start to finish in less than 90 days. As I would highly recommend Spliff Seeds’ Auto AK.

  4. Juan

    Great strain very fast finished, ready in 9 weeks, gives nice compact dense buds.

  5. Harvey D

    Hey grew 4 auto aks and must say it was a pleasure to grow them, though it was my 1st attempt in coco.They forgive alot of mistakes and produces really nice buds. What i didnt like that much was that all 4 seeds gave me different phenotypes with quite much variation in height. The differences start to show up after the plant begins to flower (approx. 5-6 weeks) and it does, indeed, autoflower. The buds themselfs had 2 phenos; one with really big calyxes and one with smaller ones, both with incredible amount of resin on them (the smallest pheno had the best smell and taste. The high was very relaxing with a smile on your face. All in all i would say its is a recomendable strain which requires just a bit more stabilizing, but i will definately grow it again.

  6. Nemesis One

    Grew 2 AK Autos under 5 LEDs,
    Flowered automatically after just 28 days, the tallest one was 112cm, follower closely by her sister @ 95.5 cm tall.
    the 112cm AK was taken at 72 days old (from germination) and her sister was taken at 81 days old.
    AK1 (112cm) yielded 144.76 Gr. after drying and curing (2 weeks slowly)…AK2 (95cm) yielded 62 Gr. after drying the same as AK1
    Smoke is smooth, slightly tangy, bit of peppery taste aswell, effect is calming and happy. A ‘up’ vibe with this one.making it a excellent day time smoke, but can also be enjoyed at night for a calming slip into sleep.
    Overall i would highly recommend this strain for both beginners & experts, very easy to grow, very hardy to most things,. even after a heavy defoliation (removing of leaves for better light penetration) they just kept bouncing back with more growth.
    Dont be decieved by its sativa type ‘fluffy’ buds either early on, they get a lot more solid in the last few weeks of flowering.

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