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Photo of a Blue Berry Female Cannabis Seeds
(8 customer reviews)

Blue Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Blue Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant. (Chocolate Thai x Afghani #1 x Highland Oaxaca) x NL Special. Can develop a blue color. Fruity, earthy aroma and a sweet blueberry flavor. Stays very short.

We crossed DJ Short’s original Blueberry (Chocolate Thai, Afghani and Highland Oaxacan Gold) with our Northern Light Special resulting in our ultimate Blue Berry strain.

Blue Berry is known for his fruity, sweet flavor and pleasurable high. Blue Berry is best to grow indoors but we have seen good results outdoors also. She has massive trichome coverage.

Our Blue Berry has three phenos with variation in budshape, leaves, high and color. Overall you can say Blue Berry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy, compact buds. In ideal conditions her calyxes can turn purple. You can prune or fim her to improve yield, but she does need some room. She doesn’t require too much nutrients. Vegetative period about three weeks.

Blue Berry has a fruity, earthy aroma and a berrylike, sweet flavor. She has a long-lasting body stoned sensation. Medicinal value: nausea, diarrhea, cramp, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain.


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8 reviews for Blue Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Sami Al Zahrani

    طعم الفواكه والتوت. عاشت الأيادي

  2. Richard

    Spliff # 1 for honest and efficient service

  3. Cannaweedd_420

    Me ha encantado cultivarla, bastante resistente, muy resinosas. El olor es extraordinario, muy dulce. Cultivo en interior y fácil de cuidar. Repetiremos!! 🙂

  4. Ostgewitter

    Smells so Sweet and the buds strong as a Rock.

  5. Spliff G

    I did a grow with this strain with hps. Really nice smelling plants and compact buds. Harvest more than 500gram of dry buds from a good quality. In the last 2 weeks my plants went purple and was nice to see. For sure i will put this strain in the future for a second time. Very smooth to smoke and with a taste of fruits and berry’s. Not a difficult plant to grow only take’s a lot of nutrients in the flowering period. You won’t be disappointed about this strain.

  6. karl epton

    i grew this strain in my back garden last year to try it it was ok for how much sun it got a the rubbish summer we had i would recomend this strain to anyone beginer to expert alike it grew pretty tall it wasent blue but you could tell it was blueberry the nice tart flavor followed by i nice body buzz a great all day smoke i will be growing again ..

  7. MaxYields

    One of the better genetics to come through my garden.

    Grown in mineralized organic soil with organic Teas, Root Drenches and Foliar Sprays indoors under a PlatinumLED P450+ grow light. Very easy in veg, keeps a tight structure, responds well to training and hard-topping. Topped once 4 weeks in to veg (from seed) and trimmed off the bottom 4 branches. Flipped to bloom 1 week after that, after stretch plant stood at 3.5′ from soil.

    After 61 days of Flowering, 7 days of Drying and 14 days of curing: 12 Terminal Shoots (tops) produced 4.5 ounces of large, moderately hairy buds with an astoundingly low leaf-to-bud ratio. Very heavy Pinesol/Citrus aroma followed with Berry undertones. Smoke was extremely smooth, very relaxing body high. Buds and leaves were very dark green although not blue.

    Heavy feeder in bloom, ran into deficiencies mid bloom but recovered quickly after a fix. Would recommend to any grower and will be running this genetic again.

  8. Russ

    So far this plant is medium height with tight internodal structure. 14 days into flower and buds are beginning to form. I topped her twice and she has stopped stretching at 30 inches. I have pheno #2 so hopefully some purple buds.

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