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CBD Spliff Berry Female Cannabis Seeds
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CBD Spliff Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Spliff Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant. CBD Kush x Blue Berry. CBD-THC ratio ± 1:1. Excellent for relieving stress, depression, headaches, nausea and pain. Skunky blueberry aroma and flavor.

By crossing a CBD Kush with our Blue Berry, we created a hybrid that has close to an even 1:1 THC to CBD ratio (CBD 6,3% – THC 7,6%). This strain was bred with those in mind who want a fruity berry flavour with a low dose of THC and high CBD. This strain grows very similar to our Blue Berry, which is known for growing to medium height and being very sturdy and reliable.

CBD Spliff Berry is a very reliable, easy to grow strain that is brilliant for making CBD rich extracts. Her THC-CBD ratio of 1-1 makes her an ideal strain to treat neuropathic pains.

The buds grow bright green with thick white pistils that turn to a bright orange as she matures. She will flower in 60-70 days, is great for indoors and will also perform well outdoors in warmer climates.
She has a skunky floral aroma, her taste is very sweet and fruity with an earthy overtone. She gives a very relaxed body stoned effect.

This is a perfect strain for anyone who wants to enjoy the medical benefits of Cannabis without feeling a strong psychoactive effect. Medicinal value: pain management, anti-anxiety and antidepressant.


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2 reviews for CBD Spliff Berry Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. daggadna

    I really like growing this strain. She is vigorous and happy all the time. Smell is skunky with hints of berries. One thing that stands out are her trichomes – easily visible with naked eye & that’s something I’ve never seen before with CBD rich strains. 5 stars and will recommend to everyone seeking some CBD rich strains for growing.

  2. PNW

    Extremely fruity aroma leaning towards citrus, but definitely unique. This plant produces one of the most even highs that I have ever experienced. This strain is a must try for people with anxiety and/or migraines.

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