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photo Crystal White cannabis seeds
(5 customer reviews)

Crystal White Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Crystal White Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Super Skunk x White Widow. Fruity, floral aroma with a fruity sweet pineapple flavor. Resistant to high EC. Absolute resin monster. Big yielder.

Created in Holland the Crystal White contains Super Skunk and White Widow genetics. Crystal White is one of our best producing strains with a great resin production. She can withstand high EC levels in both the vegetative and flowering stages.

She grows very vigorously during the vegetative period creating one internode after the other. Two weeks into flowering she will start to create buds at an impressive rate. She gives a very big yield outdoors. She will form one giant main cola and some impressive side buds. The buds are compact, resinous and sweet smelling.

Best to leave some space between individual plants, because of her bushy structure and branches that tend to stretch outwards. She can be super cropped. Harvest time is 9-10 weeks, but to achieve massive crystal production you can leave her up to 11 weeks. The smoke has a fruity, sweet, pineapple taste and gives a long-lasting, euphoric effect. She has a good level of THC. Medicinal value: pain release, nausea, sleep and stress disorders and appetite stimulation.


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5 reviews for Crystal White Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Sami Al Zahrani

    طعم الاناناس يخبل، ومفعولها خرافي. استمروا

  2. Mike

    Crystal White has been a favorite in our garden. We’ve grown her hydroponically and found it to be a very pleasant grow. She tolerates moderate fluctuations in pH as well as higher EC levels with ease. Crystal White is a big, bushy plant that responds exceptionally well to low stress training and produces large, pungent flowers. The finished product delivers a nice relaxing body high with a slight head change. We’d definitely give her a 4 out of 5 stars.

  3. shumitz rä

    OMG it looks like christmas time, this one is a serious crystal producer, snowing indoor

  4. Tony

    Its a beautiful plant,it produces thick heavy buds and has a wonderfull skunky tipe smell. It well suited for mothers , you can get beautiful clones in less than 10 days with the proper humidity and ligth. The buds are covered with resin ,full of crystals and its buds are compact. Its a great hybrid and it has a very short time of flowering.

  5. appie

    I love this plant! i pre-grow them in a small tent for two weeks under a 110 watts growlamp in small pots with lightmix. by then they allready have a sufficient
    amount of roots to place them in my main room for another week or 10 days, depending.
    Beware, this is a fast growing plant, i put them in bloom when they are about 15 cm. high.
    at the end they reach about 70 cm. this is a VERY POTENT plant with one huge bud and lots of small ones. also perfect for see of green, butt still, give then some room. i don’t have a perfect room, usually to hot, but still a good yield of awesome dope. highly recommended!

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