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Dutch Automatic cannabis seeds
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Dutch Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Dutch Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica. Ruderalis x Northern Light x Santa Maria x Afghani Gold. Excellent outdoor strain with big yields. From seed-to-harvest in 11-13 weeks. Easiest, most resistant auto-flowering strain. Fruity, floral skunky aroma and flavor.

Our Dutch Automatic is made up of Northern Light, Ruderalis, Santa Maria, Hawaiian Sativa and Afghani Gold genetics. Her Ruderalis background makes her very well suited for growing outdoors in colder climates. This 80% indica strain reaches nice levels of THC for an autoflowering variety. We recommend this strain for newer growers as she is extremely reliable and easy to grow outdoors.

Dutch Automatic is a medium, compact plant that doesn’t have a growing period. She is built for outdoor conditions but will ultimately do best indoors under an 18/6 light cycle, preferably in a SOG setup. This strain comes in either a light green or a dark green phenotype of equal size and potency. First signs of flowering appear as early as 2.5 weeks after germination.

This extremely stable strain produces one main cola and a limited amount of side branches. The buds are compact and heavy with a fruity, floral, skunky smell and taste. Dutch Automatic provides a smooth smoke with a couch-locking body stone. Its medicinal uses include ADHD, Crohn’s, anxiety and panic attacks.


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4 reviews for Dutch Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Luis

    Great genetics for fast harvests in just 9 weeks is ready to pick. Flowers of reddish colors and purple tones is how this plant is presented, rich and pleasant when it comes to smoking

  2. StekStek

    I grew this one outdoors , it didnt need a lot of attention,harvested in 10 weeks it is a very tasty & smooth smoke . peace!

  3. juan (arg)

    I bought some seeds Dutch Auto and were very good. Around 81 days from start to harvest. Indoor whole process and the results were satisfactory.
    I recommend to prinicipiantes or semi professionals.
    Now other strains, like white widow auto and fast bud!!!!
    100 % Recommend.

  4. Nemesis One

    Grew two of these under LEDs. harvested one in 62 days & the other 81 days. Both flowered automatically and both were quite short and well structured, very close branch growth, but cutting a lot of the lower leaves helps light penetrate further down which led to good growth & overall yield.
    Both were grown in small pots and yielded very well, plant 1 (62 days) : 45 Gr Dry. plant 2 (81 Days) : 86 Gr Dry!
    Proves if you leave this strain for longer, then it greatly increases the yield.
    Overall, very easy to grow, tolerant to high temps.
    Smoke report, very smooth and pleasant calming high, perfect for reading, concentration is improved.

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