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Girls Scout Cookies

Girls Scout Cookies Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Girls Scout Cookies Female Cannabis Seeds

Girls Scout Cookies is an indica dominant, short and fast flowering strain. Extremely aromatic and terpene rich hybrid. Cookie dough, earthy terps and exceptional resin.

We were gifted a clone of the original G.S.C from our good friends in the USA and shortly after started a feminized project. Girl Scout Cookies is a very easy to grow hybrid that quickly became a cup winning champion and a household name in Europe. She will grow to a short to medium height finishing around 120cm, making her a great strain to grow in a Sea of Green, and for those with limited space indoors and outdoors.

Girl Scout Cookies is a tough plant, however she can be sensitive to heat stress so be careful during the flowering period to make sure temperature and humidity are comfortable.
This lady is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks and will produce pointy calyx that stack high with a purple and green hue with a prolific resin profile, meaning you can make some top shelf hash and extracts from this strain. Expect yields of 400-500 g/m² of highly aromatic and pungent buds that have a potency of 25% THC.

Smoking Girl Scout Cookies is a true pleasure and one of the best flavour profiles around. The effects are euphoric, upbeat, creative with an overwhelming feeling of calm and relaxed. A blend of earthy, cookie dough spice with sweet overtones make this strain a must have for flavour chasers, those who enjoy high levels of potency, and hash makers and extract artists. Medical patients may find this strain useful for increased motivation, feelings of nausea and appetite disorders.


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