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Gold Bar Kush cannabis plant
(4 customer reviews)

Gold Bar Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

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Gold Bar Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Medical Kush x Orange Bud. Bushy kush strain with sticky buds and a strong orange aroma. Amazing taste that combines orange and kush. Happy energetic effect with a relaxing body stone.

By crossing Medical Kush with Orange Bud, we created a vigorous Kush hybrid that combines the unique flavours of these two strains and has a significantly improved yield and bud structure compared to its parents. We turned the dank lemon scent of Medical Kush into a sharper citrus orange one, resulting in a uniquely exotic Kush variety.

Gold Bar Kush grows rapidly and is very stable. Her internode spacing is also very regular, allowing her to pack on frosty buds all the way down. She takes a little longer than most Kush strains to flower and finishes in around 65 days, but is not a difficult plant to grow. She can take a lot of nutrients but can also grow well without heavy feeding. The easy to harvest buds are bright green with big orange hairs and resemble skunk in terms of bud structure.

The deep sharp orange smell and taste is accompanied by a creamy kush aftertaste. Gold Bar Kush has a dreamy accelerated high and a really calming, but not overwhelming, stone. Medicinal applications include alleviating stress, chronic pain, depression and a lack of appetite.


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4 reviews for Gold Bar Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. DrStick

    Wow, monster genetics in here! Taste is orange/citrus/earthy, most of the buds are huge colas, probably the biggest buds I’ve ever grown. She was easy to grow, a bit stretchy and some slight foxtailing in the end, but nothing to worry about, buds are dense and tasty, a crowd’s favorite. Try it by yourself!

  2. Free the weed

    What a beast ??she stretched alot when changed the lights. She had huge rock hard buds with tons of frost. She turned out outstanding with a dank orange taste to her ?and she gives a great yeald

  3. Jon Heron

    Last time we done Gold Bar Kush and it was top notch. 10/10

  4. D86

    Damn this strain is sweet.
    Received these beans and popped 2 of them 1 died due to some problems with the soil I had.
    The other one was placed again in a rockwool plug and grew out like a tree!
    The smells in the garden when flowering started jeezz, pure mandarin peel every time I touched it my whole hand smelled like mandarin peel lol.
    I didnt believe that much aroma could transfer to taste but even when exhaling sometimes you get that same delicious taste again.
    Cant wait to try out a full room filled with this kush!
    5 stars well deserved thanks spliff seeds!

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