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Gold Rush Outdoor cannabis seeds
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Gold Rush Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Gold Rush Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds

Sativa dominant. Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan. Strong, sturdy plant with great resin production. Earliest finisher, mid to end September. Sweet, diesel-like flavor and taste with hints of citrus.

We took our trusted Polm Gold and mixed in an old-school Purple Power to create the perfect strain for growing outdoor in colder climates. The notoriously early flowering Purple Power father helps make our Gold Rush Outdoor the earliest flowering variety in our catalogue, ready for harvest mid to end of September. Gold Rush Outdoor is a very strong and sturdy plant. She is very mold and disease resistant. Perfect for cold/mountainous climates. Gold Rush has great resin production, a great taste and packs a punch.

Gold Rush grows like mad and can cope with high levels of EC. At first she doesn’t appear to have too much THC, but once cured she is covered in trichomes. There’s a purple pheno, which finishes week 2-3 of September and smells distinctly of diesel and the white pheno that will mature week 3 to 4 of September and has a more lingering hint of diesel.

Gold Rush is very aromatic; she has a sweet, woody, earthy, spicy and a slight diesel-like flavor and taste. With hints of cinnamon, orange and lime. She delivers a nice blended high of a bodystoned yet uplifting high sensation.


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4 reviews for Gold Rush Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Gärtner

    Eine der besten Outdoor-Sorten überhaupt! Frühe Ernte, hoher Ertrag und richtig gutes Gras!
    Absolute Empfehlung

  2. 48,7°N 360m

    Gold Rush grows fast and pests don’t seem to like her at all. It didn’t require much feeding compared to all the other strains which makes her a good choice for guerrilla growing.

    The strain is remarkably early, flowering started at the end of July. She forms long and packed colas, giving potential for high yields. The buds grow big and slightly airy, just enough to allow better air circulation as a part of effective mold prevention. She produces beautiful purple flowers. The resin production is well above average which makes for a great hash crop.

    The smell is fresh, pungent, chemical with hints of lemon. The high is really a 50/50 head/stone, somehow trippy, very strong and long lasting, leaving even a seasoned smoker impressed.

    If you’re struggling with humidity and a short season like me, this early, resistant, potent and high yielding strain might be what you are looking for. Give Gold Rush a try and you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Micheal

    WoW this seed really does the name Gold Rush an h it is even breaking my germination record 🙂 Dropped 2 bags of 5 yesterday in pure neutral PH water, and left them in my kitchen drawer, around 20 to 25 degrees Celcius…..result 7 popped up within 24 hours the 3 others showing potential ;

  4. Nemesis One

    Amazingly fast growing plant & very vigorous too, I wanted to see if one could be grown ‘indoors’ under LEDs, instead of outdoors as normal.
    Germinated with no problems, From Seed to Finish ——> 6 weeks veg + 55 days flowering, = 13 weeks 6 days.
    It grew to an impressive 145 cm tall from soil to top bud, and what massive buds they were!
    My overall yield from this one was 526 Gr Dry.
    Growing this lady is easy, she doesn’t need a whole lot of care, very hardy to temps, she does need a little tidy up of bottom leaves when she gets taller, also found that she likes frequent watering but only go for a little run off each time & make sure you support the main stem as she gets bud heavy later on in flowering.
    So, this can be grown indoors if you keep your eye on the height of her during veggin time as she will double if not triple her height during flowering.

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