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photo Lemon Cream Kush Automatic plant
(4 customer reviews)

Lemon Cream Kush Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Lemon Cream Kush Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Medical Kush x Dutch Automatic. Robust plant with a high yield. Ideal painkiller with dense trichome production. Skunky kush aroma with an amazingly sweet lemon kush flavor.

This autoflowering strain was developed through an extensive breeding programme using our trusted Medical Kush and Dutch Automatic. Lemon Cream Kush Automatic combines the unique taste and medicinal effect of Medical Kush with the practicality of our Dutch Automatic even better than we imagined. She is not easy to grow, finishes relatively fast and is highly resistant to mold and bud rot.

As with our other autoflowering strains, Lemon Cream Kush Automatic is a light feeder. She is tall and a big autoflowering strain. From seed to harvest she takes 11-13 weeks. This strain was developed for growing outdoors, but will perform best indoors under an 20/4 schedule.

Lemon Cream Kush Automatic stays true to its photoperiod counterpart in terms of aroma and flavour: a delicious combination of lemon and sweet Kush. Despite its indica genetics she gives an euphoric high, resembling a sativa strain. Highly medicinal strain that can be used to combat stress, depression, muscle-/joint- and neuropathic pain.


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4 reviews for Lemon Cream Kush Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. 710_Squish

    The Lemon Cream Kush Automatic has become one of my go to strains. It’s an absolute breeze to grow. It’ll give you dense flowers covered in trichomes. The smoke is an amazing strain for sleep and pain.

  2. Top Shelf Grower

    Easy to grow, low profile squat branchy plant. Doesn’t require too much nutes and relatively hassle free. I grew my Medi Kush auto outdoors on the balcony in Spain in 68 days from seed. The perfect strain for lazy Sunday afternoons. Pungent skunky- Kush aroma with a rich earthy old school flavour. Nice potency, something of a creeper high that will keep you couch-locked in front of your favourite TV Boxset. Can’t wait to see how she performs indoors. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Nemesis One

    I found this strain a pleasure to grow, good even structure with plenty of good airflow
    She took 70 days to finish off under a 675w total output 5w led. (340W usage) in a 60x60x200cm grow tent.
    total yield was 131 Gr. dry of the densest buds I have grown, rock solid. Cured at 61F with fans for 2 weeks,. jarred for a further 2 and wow!
    the taste is quite strong & fruity. The effect is also quite remarkable. A lovely uplifting ‘refreshing’ high, one that makes you breath in the air and feel good to be alive.
    Overall, fantastic medical strain, for both recreational users and people who need pain relief but still need to be ‘alert’ during their daytime activities.

  4. grow board

    will these ever stop growing they beat them all i got the right batch of seeds ive done this strain in areoponics its still not done it got started with the rest of spliff seeds Autos an this ones still going i think it may beat the White widow on yeild im not sure its hard to say ive realy spent more time with this strain i just like the way it grows ill update when its dryed an ive sampled the smoke but its a realy easy strain to grow i highly recomend anyone to try this the buds are realy hard dense nugs an big i will be growing this again ..

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