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Photo Mega Power Plant
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Mega Power Plant Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Mega Power Plant Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant. (NL x OG Kush) x Power Plant. Ideal for SOG. Easy to grow. Homogenous plants. Compact bud structure. Earthy sweet aroma. Tastes like Nepalese hash with a touch of Kush.

Mega Power Plant has multiple famous ancestors. Afghani Indica, Hindu Kush and a Thai were used to form Northern Light. We then crossed our most potent NL with a massive budding OG Kush to create our NL Special. We stabilized this NL Special over 16 generations, resulting in very homogenous plants. Then, as a little side experiment, we crossed her with Power Plant and came across a beast of a lady we now call the Mega Power Plant. By discovering “the Mega”, we believe to have found the ultimate indoor strain.

The Mega Power Plant is a compact plant with long, rock hard, candle-shaped buds that look like they suffer from frostbite. With very few leaves, this plant is very easy to manicure. She is quite resistant to diseases and parasites. She preflowers quickly and is a very forgiving plant when it comes to heat or fertilizing problems and insufficient water.

She smells of Nepalese hash with a touch of Kush. She is a true narcotic stoner and gives you an all-over stoned sensation. Her THC is medium high and her CBD is low. Medicinal value: chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, back pain, muscular pain and lack of appetite.


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10 reviews for Mega Power Plant Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Sami Al Zahrani

    هذه مو نبتة هذه وحش. نص الصاروخ طرحني

  2. Weeds Man

    شي فاخر والله الميجا باور بلانت وحش شكرا سبليف

  3. Mirko

    A real bomb That plant meets all your requirement, it is very easy to grow very compact but with a large dense and resinous buds. We have a production worthy of a powerplant but with aromas and nuances of the OG Kush. Thanks spliffseeds

  4. Steve S

    This plant was awesome!!! Super dense fully frosted buds. Fruit and berry aroma once cured! Will definitely grow again!!!

  5. Scott Wilson

    So Appie germinated and harvested on same day

  6. Appie

    great plant, high yields, my best ever, not difficult to grow, curing makes it even better, lot better taste and smell. very good plant

  7. Appie

    to early to tell, but 100% of my seeds did really well

  8. Shumitz Rä

    Indoor the word is “Mega” for sure great strain great structure huge yielding
    Congrats Spliff

  9. Dr. Underground

    Good strain for high altitudes. I cultivated this strain on 1500 m sealevel on 47.
    I harvested this strain in early september. She has a good yield with compact buds. The smell is hashy, kushy with som lemon notes. She looks like a sativa, but has a strong bodystone.
    Mega Power Plant is a good outdoorplant and one of my favorite strains. Good for cold and wet places.

  10. Nicky

    One of the best yielding seeds so far ad I have tried quiet a few! Good flavour and an excellent Buzz

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