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Power Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Power Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds

Sativa dominant. South African IBL hybrid. Ultimate commercial plant with big yields. Bittersweet, fresh taste with a powerful uplifting effect.

Power Plant was created in Holland, but her parents are IBL strains from South Africa. This extremely high yielding variety can reach stupid levels of THC with the plants absolutely covered in trichomes.

Because of the sativa genetics Power Plant will stretch at first and start stacking dense buds in long, candle-shaped colas. She is also extremely uniform and has the perfect flower-to-leaf ratio, making her a joy to manicure. Power Plant flowers fast and usually shows the first signs of flowering after only one week.

This strain does well in virtually any environment as she is highly resistant to diseases, pests and overfeeding. She is a great strain for outdoor on a balcony or in a garden. Indoor give her five days of vegetative growth after she reaches clone size and then switch to a 12/12 schedule. When pruned she will develop multiple compact buds, otherwise she will grow three or four main buds.

Power Plant has a pungent bittersweet, fresh lime aroma and an earthy and fresh taste with hints of sweet lime. She gives a powerful, uplifting, mental high that many consider to be the perfect daytime smoke.


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1 review for Power Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. Z

    This plant never fails to disappoint…. It simply gives yields that I have yet to see be matched, outdoors it really shines through best, also responds really well to training.

    As for the quality of the bud itself is fantastic! It has a blanket of snow like trichomes frosted across the plant and has all the best qualities of a sativa strain.

    If you only want 1-2 plants to last you a long time look no further!

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