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Purple Berry Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Purple Berry Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant. Spliff’s Strawberry X O.G. Kush. Killer kush strain with unique berry flavours. Active effect that develops into narcotic body stone.

Purple Berry Kush is a result of experimenting with two strains that are renowned for their taste, effect and potency. By crossing Spliff’s Strawberry with O.G. Kush we developed an extremely potent, high-yielding strain that gives us the best of both worlds. Purple Berry Kush has a shorter flowering time than Spliff’s Strawberry and is much more resilient than O.G. Kush. This indica dominant strain grows short and bushy with wide, dark green fan leaves and even does well outdoors in warmer climates.

Purple Berry Kush grows rapidly and can handle large amounts of nutrients. Her bushy nature becomes more apparent during flowering, when its side branches start packing on weight as well and might need support. Make sure your carbon filters are prepared before trying this amazingly pungent strain. Grow this strain hydroponically for an optimal terpene profile.

Purple Berry Kush combines fruity flavours with a strong kush aftertaste. Its potent effect starts off as an uplifting, active high that turns into the classically narcotic body stone kush strains are known for. Medical applications include relieving stress, pain, and depression.

Purple Berry Kush Female

wdt_ID Details Indoor: Outdoor:
4 Suited for: Indoor (I) Outdoor (E) zone B/C
5 Flowering: I) 9 weeks E) November
6 Plant height: I) 1.00-1.20 m E) 1.50-1.75 m
7 Yield: I) 450-500 gr/m2 E) 550-650 g/plant
8 Difficulty: Medium

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2 reviews for Purple Berry Kush Female Cannabis Seeds


    very good strain everyone should try this from the best seed bank in holland berry with the pine exhale makes this an exalant strain for beginers to experts a must try spliff seeds did it again 10/10

  2. Mike

    We found Purpleberry Kush to be a hearty plant that prefers stable EC’s when grown hydroponically. She responded extremely well to low stress training and produced super frosty buds. On average, she yielded 205.5 gms dried per grow. The finished product has a pungent garlic and berry smell and is great for insomnia. 4 out of 5 stars.

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