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Snow White Female Cannabis Seeds
(10 customer reviews)

Snow White Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Snow White Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. (Northern Lights Special x White Widow) x Cinderella 99. Massive resin production and high yields. Fruity taste with hints of mint and haze.

Our original Snow White was already a great strain, but by crossing her with an amazing Cinderella 99 pheno we managed to improve all of her most desired traits. Our new and improved Snow White has an even higher flower to leaf ratio, higher yields and is much more potent. A true cash crop in every sense of the word.
This sativa dominant strain grows like an indica, which is reflected in its short flowering time, limited height and sturdy structure. We recommend two or three weeks of vegetative growth, this way your plants will reach a height of about 60 to 100 cm.

The extremely frosty buds develop in a thick candle-shape and pack on a lot weight. Snow white is best grown in a hydroponic system and is great for SOG grows.

Snow White has a very fruity, sweet taste and an earthy aroma with hints of mint, haze and diesel. This strain can be very uplifting in low doses, but its indica heritage can be felt strongly when consuming higher doses. Snow White’s medicinal properties generally work very well for patients suffering from neuropathic pains, muscle spasms and cramps, intestinal problems and insomnia.

Snow White



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10 reviews for Snow White Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. appie

    great high, a true sativa, and massive yield, very recommended

  2. appie

    veryc nice high if when moderate, use more the bodystoned will kick in, either way, great stuff, recommended

  3. appie

    heerlijke high als je niet te veel gebruikt, van zwaardere dosis wordt je nogal bodystoned, makkelijk te kweken e weinig blad, hoofdzakelijk een grote cola, denk erg geschikt voor SOG, aan te bevelen

  4. Appie

    Look at these baby’s, snow White spliff, excellent

  5. appie

    fraaie plant, niet moeilijk te kweken en een een forse main cola, zijtakken doen ook leuk mee, weinig reden tot ontbladeren, dieven doe ik altijd. toppertje

  6. appie

    ben reuze benieuwd naar deze soort, zaden komen in ieder geval 100% uit, en na 3 weken in een tentje,.. prachtige plantjes..

  7. shumitz rä

    a very easy grow 60% sativa plant, nice heavy compact buds, lots of crystal

  8. Amaalza

    What can I say I looked at different seed company’s for a strain for my first grow.
    I was looking for a strain that was short (100cms )or so and big yielder
    well this strain did it all for me yield taste stone & 80cm plants that had big buds
    this strain is great good head buzz & great relaxing body stone…you will sleep great with this strain
    honestly give this strain a try …this will be my keeper friends luv it…

  9. Ollie

    Zeer gemakkelijke plant om te kweken en echt een topwietje zowel recreatief als voor medicinale doeleinden werkt enorm goed voor de spasmen.

  10. Qx-D

    Hoi, ik heb voor de 2 de keer met enorm veel succes gekweekt met SNOW WHITE van SPLIFF. Deze keer heb ik 450 gram vette vaste met thc bezaaide toppen gehaald uit mijn tent van 1,2 vierkante meter. Zeer sterke plant die vrij stressbestendig is. Ook weinig blad in de toppen zodat je weinig hoeft te knippen. Grtz Qx-D.

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