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Photo Spliff Cheese Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds
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Spliff Cheese Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Spliff Cheese Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Spliff Cheese x Dutch Automatic. An autoflowering version of our beloved Spliff Cheese. Uplifting effect with strong body buzz. It took us several years to combine all the good parts of UK Cheese with the reliability and production of our Skunk#1. After finally perfecting Spliff Cheese we started working on an autoflowering version of this much loved strain by crossing it with Dutch Automatic, our easiest and most reliable autoflowering variety.

Spliff Cheese Automatic has the same tight, heavy bud structure as her photoperiod version and forms one big main cola with a few additional side buds. Despite its indica dominant genetics this strain has widely set apart serrated fan leaves. Spliff Cheese Automatic grows from seed to harvest in 11-12 weeks and uses relatively low amounts of nutrients. Maximum yields can be obtained indoors under a 20/4 light cycle.

The aroma and taste are unmistakably Cheese: very pungent and skunky with hints of fruit. Spliff Cheese Automatic buds are very similar to those of Spliff Cheese, they produce an uplifting high with an excellent body buzz. This strain can be very useful for patients suffering from anxiety, muscle and nerve pain, insomnia and multiple sclerose.


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3 reviews for Spliff Cheese Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Chaotic

    This is my biggest auto to date at 156g dried and cured. She loved LST and was covered in trichs. Super strong terp with berry tones. Reds and purps came thru at beginning of flower on the leafs. Just an overall beautiful plant and a fantastic smoke. Everyone has loved it, from experienced growers to experienced budtenders.

  2. nemesis one

    this is the closest auto cheese strain ive grown that comes anywhere near the real exodus cheese strain that was about way back in the early 1990’s
    The structure is almost the same, can grow small and stumpy with heavy buds but also can get some good height, I personally prefer the more indica leaning cheese phenotypes.
    Overall, easy to grow, careful of mould tho in the biggest buds, a good strong air flow onto them stops that from happening.
    would recommend this to anyone who wants a straight forward plant to grow with a good effect & yeah, it has the cheese smiler effect. maybe not as devastating as the original but that’s why I prefer it, its milder in effect and suitable for any time of the day.

  3. grow board

    this strain is not high yeilding like the rest but the smoke makes up for it realy nice to grow i wouldent mind trying them in single dwc buckets
    instead of the Areopnics system all bunched up i think if it had abit more light it would be a high yeilding strain but the white widow grow big fast an took most the light so i cant realy say what it would have done on its own its a 2 to 3 oz strain easy if you like a good laugh your sure to love this strain After All its not call cheese For Nothing …

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