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Spliff Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds
(2 customer reviews)

Spliff Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Spliff Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Skunk #1 x (Afghani x Skunk#1). This strain has the same phenos as the original clone. The taste is unique and she gives rock-hard buds. Energetic effect with a strong and long-lasting body buzz.

Everybody loves Dutch cheese, so we took a clone from the infamous English Cheese and crossed her with our smelliest Skunk #1 pheno. We improved yield while preserving the unique taste and smell UK Cheese is famous for. The fact that our strain is identical to the original but with a bigger yield means our arduous breeding process has really paid off!

Spliff Cheese is medium tall, bushy, high yielding plant that does especially well in hydroponic setups. Outdoor she generally finishes in October or November. Be careful with your EC values though, as this strain does not like to be overfed.

Spliff Cheese buds are compact and rock-hard. Their skunky, pungent odour is also instantly recognizable. When consumed this strain provides a long-lasting uplifting high with an excellent body buzz. Her medical properties make her very useful for patients suffering from anxiety, muscle and nerve pain, insomnia and multiple sclerose.


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2 reviews for Spliff Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. SHARK farms

    One of the best i cultivated.

  2. Steve Dutch

    First of all ,i would love to say ‘thank you SpliffSeeds’ for this AMAZING #cheese !!!
    I had 20 seeds from this strain ,and 19 germed very fast ,with 18 strong seedlings we started our cheese round.
    A strain very easy to grow ,not a big eater in vegging ,but in bloom they can have some more nutrients as in veg.
    In this grow i had 3 different phenotypes ,type #1 was a 100% goldy
    looking cheese ,smell and taste. Second pheno #2 was a bit more silver from color ,but still tasting as sweet cheese.
    Third pheno #3 was had a collor between gold and silver (cheese x super skunk) ,and still the taste from cheese.
    So even wich way it goes ,it goes cheesy-way 😉 i would rate this strain a BIG 5 STARS
    Thank you SPLIFFSEEDS for these amazing and asome GENETICS <3 One Love bro <3 Steve - Cannabis Strain Testing Project

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