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Spliff’s Strawberry Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Spliff’s Strawberry Female Cannabis Seeds

Sativa indomant. Strawberry Cough x Skunk #1 x Jack F1. Fast finishing sativa with an extremely strong, active high and a unique strawberry taste.

After sampling some amazing sativa strains from the USA, we decided to create Spliff’s Strawberry, our version of the renowned Strawberry Cough. With the addition of Jack F1 and Skunk #1 genetics this strain is a highly potent resin bomb with great yields.

Spliff’s Strawberry requires only 1 to 2 weeks of veg and will show first flowers quite late, around the 4th week. Flowering time is only 9 weeks, so this strain usually goes from seed to yield in around 80 days. She is highly stable and produces quite uniform plants. She has two distinct phenotypes that taste and smell the same, but have a slightly different leaf- and bud structure.

She is a light feeder with a medium green color and very few leaves. This strain is very strong and branchy and does best in “sea of green” gardens on any medium.

Spliff’s Strawberry has a subtle strawberry aroma with hints of flowers and other fruits, making her ideal to grow discreetly. Smoking her will give you a smooth, strawberry flavoured smoke and produces a clear, active high. Its medicinal applications include pains, intestinal problems, spasms and MS.

Spliff's Strawberry Female

wdt_ID Details Indoor: Outdoor:
4 Suited for: Indoor (I) Outdoor (E) zone B/C
5 Flowering: I) 8–9 weeks E) October
6 Plant height: I) 1.00-1.20 m
7 Yield: I) 500 gr/m² E) 1 kg/plant (subtropical climate)
8 Difficulty: Medium
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3 reviews for Spliff’s Strawberry Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. spliff g

    Nice looking plants with a really fruity aroma on them.When i smoke it my head is more stoned then when i smoke amnesia haze. Really good effects. My plants were about 1,2 meter high and full with buds. The total score of my harvest was 575 grams of dry bud with 2x 400w hps. That’s about 0,7 gram per watt. If you want something special to grow that almost everybody loves? Take the strawberry and find out for your self. Don’t believe me? take a look at my grow report at Look for spliff g and check my report of the strawberry.

  2. Mike

    Spliff’s Strawberry has the traditional sativa structure, but with indica flowering times and a three-week stretch in flower. She produces large, heavy, resinous flowers that have a pungent, overly ripe strawberries mixed with body odor smell. It’s horribly delicious! The flavor of the final product is a sweet strawberry that lasts throughout the smoking and her effects are uplifting and energetic.

  3. Z

    The flavor and smell of this strain is so infectious!

    A lot of other strains named after strawberries lack much resemblance but this one really is spot on, it has a taste and smell where you can really see the resemblance, The yields are excellent by far the largest of any strains in the berry family.

    If you need to impress people with the top shelf, of the top shelf look no further!

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