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super skunk regular cannabis seeds
(2 customer reviews)

Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. (Afghani #1 x Skunk #1) x Afghani. Easy to grow with tall, massive dense buds. Potent old school strain with a typical skunk flavour.

Super Skunk is our attempt at creating the ultimate skunk variety. By crossing an extremely stable Afghani x Skunk #1 hybrid with an Afghani IBL landrace, we created a uniform, highly potent strain that is a pleasure to grow. This truly hybrid strain has a slight tendency towards its sativa heritage in terms of its growth form. The bud structure leans more towards the indica heritage with very dense buds with lots of pistels.

This skunk takes 7-9 weeks to flower and gives a very high yield. Her great flower-to-leaf ratio also makes her very easy to trim. We advise a short vegetative period of three weeks for this broad leafed, medium green strain. This strain does well in SOG setups.

The buds have a strong, musky sweet lemon scent and a typical skunk flavour with hint of fruit. Smoking Super Skunk will give you a powerful, euphoric happy body high with a little more body than its ancestor Skunk #1. Super Skunk has a strong medicinal effect that is known to help combat insomnia, depression and pain.


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2 reviews for Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds

  1. LeKushChocolat

    This strain germinates really fast. I am in a very cold climate and even in these harsh conditions the seeds germinate fast but take a bit to sprout. The vegetative period doesnt last long and the plant in general is really strong to beginner screw ups. I think its a very nice strain to start with.

  2. Jammie

    One day I decided to make a trip to Amsterdam, it was in 2006, I went through there a few seeds of most large banks, the sensiseeds, seriousseeds, greenhouseseeds, spliffseeds. Here until I stumbled on a regulated seeds from a spliff and Super Skunk Top 44 those attracted me the most, these varieties I first tasted it, I knew what to buy. Price approx 40Eur / 5 seed. When I arrived home, I planted, and I waited from contaminated manure We have grown pretty big nuts, I tried making a clone, quite successfully, it was great plants to plant around 40 grams. Then I discovered that several pieces a few seeds that I am today. And now they are wonderful and delicious smoke. Next year I planted, and light, and it was good. I soiled from Advanced Hydroponics until now, many now use fertilizer Grotekk. These seeds are definitely worth it I do not regret that I bought. Then I also ordered seeds from Sensiseeds, four tracks, Shiva Shanti II, the Flying Dutchmen, Pure and free you to nirvana SEDS-Afghan, no longer, but they were also beautiful.

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