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Photo White Widow Automatic Cannabis Seeds
(8 customer reviews)

White Widow Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



White Widow Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. (Brazilian Sativa x South Indian) x NL Special x Afghan Lowryder. Fast, robust and very frosty. Earthy, hash-like aroma and taste.

By crossbreeding our original White Widow with NL Special and Afghan Lowryder, we created White Widow Automatic. This autoflowering variety has a short life cycle and provides above average yields that are covered in frost. Its NL Special heritage also ensures that this strain is well prepared for growing outdoors in colder climates.

As with our other autoflowering strains White Widow Automatic is short and bushy and grows one main cola with a couple of side branches. From about half way through flowering she will be covered in frost, making sure that even the smaller buds are potent. This strain can go from seed to harvest in 9 weeks, but will usually take around 11. Outdoors White Widow Auto can reach a height of around 150 cm and yield up to 85 grams per plant. Optimal indoor yields were obtained under a 18/6 light cycle.

She has an earthy, hash-like incense aroma and taste. This hybrid variety has a strong indica effect and provides a potent, couch-locking body stone. Medicinally, White Widow Automatic is highly effective against stress and depression and chronic pain.


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8 reviews for White Widow Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds


    wow the tricomes on these plants is amazing the are finished in 8 to 9 weeks tops an yeild about 3 to 4 oz a plant a must buy from spilff Seeds

  2. White skunk

    Sorry guys but to break most countrys rules by growing pot and the risk n penaltys why would you Do all the risk for such little reward 4.5oz from 2 plants to me isnt worth it, if u can only grow autos due to Space ect then do ones homework and find yourselfs autos that produce upwards of 8 oz dry and is a few autos Getting close to 16 oz a plant with thc of the charts and to get best results from autos run at a min of 18/6 And for best results run at 20/4 not only that but there r fast strains that r not autos but fin flowering
    In 45-55 days so if you veg for 3 weeks then flower you will fin same time frame as an auto but instead of 2 oz a plant
    You get 8+ oz a plant so you do the math
    Happy growing all

  3. Nathalie

    I bought the white widow autos and what a beautiful plant the leaves r so big and healthy. We r 3 weeks into grow and I’m soooo excited each time I see these girls u can tell how much they have grown within just hrs. Best seeds I’ve found so far.

  4. Spliff g

    Did a grow with 10 white widow’s and they grow like hell. Super easy to grow so for beginners this is a nice strain. Not for starting smokers because it’s a heavy smoke. Very nice smell, typical widow smell and taste. Not one that produces a lot of buds. But the buds that are on them are top quality and rock hard. Normally i don’t grow auto’s but this one i will do again for sure. From 10 plants took 150 gram of top q buds.

  5. grow board

    great strain to grow nice yeilding forgiveing strain ill always have in my collection Realy nice smoke grows well in normal meduim an dwc what more can i say strong smoke aswell ..

  6. karl epton

    nice strain to grow nice an easy realy nice plants i think the best of the Autos im not sure cause ive not grorwn the Ak yet but im doing a grow in a week or 2 of these i cant wait an i cant wait till these finish flushing out for a smoke all in all a realy nice grow no trouble at all i will be growing these Again When ive Done The Ak Grow …

  7. Steve

    I’m growing this at the moment. This is my first auto grow and I must say it’s been a breeze. All 5 seeds have produced the same. Heights at 23-32 inches. The description says “1 main cola,little side branches “,. This is not true. The side branches are outstanding and comparable to the main cola, this will only increase yields. Buds started to appear around 4th week after germination. Very happy with results so far. I have about another 3-4weeks to go and can’t wait. I’m expecting a decent yield from all 5 plants and will update at the finish. So far though it’s been easy peasy to grow. Highly recommended.

  8. Nemesis One

    Grew two of these under 5 Osram LED panels. both in small 9 L pots, lightmix soil and moderate feeds.
    both finished in 69 days. from germination to in my drying cab coming in at approx 45cm tall each
    Growth was very wide and compact, these ladies need a bit of room to grow in but cope with small areas nicely aswell.
    No problem with mould, high temps or high humidity, these cope very well.
    Yields were : Plant 1 : 59.58 Gr Dry , Plant 2 : 67.43 Gr. Dry.
    Smoke report, very light and fluffy on the palette at the moment, only been curing for 1-2 weeks, but the strong taste we all know and love is coming,
    effect is immediate and very uplifting, one of the ones that inspires.
    Overll, highly recommend this strain as a easy to grow and maintain plant with good yields and a exceptional high.

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