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Photo White Widow plant
(4 customer reviews)

White Widow Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



White Widow Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. (Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica) x Northern Lights Special. Very stable, very homogenous and covered in trichomes. Sour, earthy aroma.

White Widow is a classic in Amsterdam’s many coffeeshops and has always been very popular among growers and consumers alike, this strain is our take on this famous variety. Our feminized White Widow was created by crossing our regular White Widow with one of our all time favorites: Northern Lights Special. The result is a very stable and homogenous strain that is even more compact and potent than our regular White Widow.

This hybrid strain shows sativa characteristics when it comes to bud shape and resin production, but the compact structure, short flowering period and leaf shape are more like an indica variety. White Widow will show the first signs of flowering after around three or four weeks and has a mid to dark green colour. She does extremely well in hydroponic setups and has an excellent flower to leaf ratio.

White Widow has a floral, earthy aroma with hints of fruit. The high sets on quickly and is an active, mind stimulating high with a nice mild relaxing body stone. Its medicinal uses include alleviating neuropathic pains, muscle spasms and muscular cramps.


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4 reviews for White Widow Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Bryant

    Excellent product tasted amazing. They truly do know how to breed seeds.

  2. BB

    I grew this plant last year in a 50 litre pot outdoor last year, and she performed awesome! She started quick and germinated within 12 hours using the paper towel method. She grew quick and I ended up with a 2 metre high plant, and with more than 200 grams of great weed! I got white widow from multiple seedbanks, and this one ended up the best of all of them for sure. She grew the fastest and was the most resilient to everything. This was my first grow and i made a lot of mistakes but she ended up more than fine; she’s a great plant for beginners.

  3. George

    polu kalo , kai eukolo recommended ! very good

  4. appie

    exellent seeds, great yield and very tasty, recommended..

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