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Zkittlez Automatic

Zkittlez Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

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Zkittlez Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering hybrid of Gelato x Zkittlez x Dutch Auto. Exceptionally fast flowering time of 63-70 days from seed to harvest and incredible terpene profile.

We are proud to introduce Zkittlez Automatic, which is a three way hybrid using our Dutch Automatic and the U.S.A’s best strains of late, the Gelato and Zkittlez. The result is a very fast flowering autoflowering hybrid that is ready to harvest in as little as 9-11 weeks. Growing Zkittlez Automatic outdoors will produce large yields that can be grown multiple times of the year thanks to her shorter life span as an autoflowering variety.

Like Zkittlez, our automatic version can also be a mould magnet, so making sure you have plenty of space and fresh air around the plants is very important. Her buds are dense, thick and there is a high volume of leaves to sugar coated trim, where she can produce yields of 350-450 g/m². THC levels tested at 23% meaning this fast flowering automatic is not only a fast one, but potent. Growers who experience hot climates such as the Mediterranean can do multiple harvests all year around!.

Zkittlez Automatic has a euphoric, joyful and energetic effect, with very little physical effects making her a good choice for morning and daytime use. What makes this autoflowering hybrid so good is the taste which is a complex mix of strawberry, citrus, lemon, grape and overtones of sweet fruit. Medical patients may find Zkittlez Automatic good for increasing motivation, appetite and reducing feelings of nausea.


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