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Zkittlez Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Zkittlez Female Cannabis Seeds

A super fruity hybrid that takes 9-11 weeks. Strawberry, grape, lemon, berry and sweet shop terpenes that produce cup winning buds and extracts.

We wanted to bring one of the best tasting plants to ever exist back home to Holland and make a feminized line. Zkittlez has exceptional flavour and her extracts are out of this world. She will grow medium tall and can be a big producer depending on pot size. This hybrid is fairly easy to grow and depending on phenotype is ready to harvest in 63-77 days, where she will fill your grow room with the most intense fruity sweet shop aromas.

Zkittlez can be susceptible to mould so be extra vigilant during the final few weeks of the flowering stage, and especially outdoors as you approach the end of season. When flowering, thick buds will form at every internode creating a compact structure, so maintaining a good flow of air is essential. Yields of 450-550 g/m² can be achieved and we advise plant training during 18/6 to really maximise her yields with THC levels testing close to 24% THC.

The effects when smoking Zkittlez can be described as upbeat, creative, energetic with a soaring euphoria that is perfect for social scenarios and daytime use. Her flavour is long lasting, delicious and mouth watering and the hash and extracts that can be made are another level to most! Medical patients may find Zkittlez useful for increasing energy levels, motivation, feelings of nausea and lack of appetite.


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