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The viability of our marijuana seeds seems to amaze our customers time after time. They always germinate quickly and easily. So what’s the secret? Is it possible to determine the quality of a seed, just by the look of it?

Can You See The Viability Of Marijuana Seeds?

You can not determine the germinative capacity of marijuana seeds just by their appearance.
The looks of the seeds also varies quite a bit by variety. Some cannabis strains produce darker shaded seeds, while other strains may produce lighter colored, or speckled seeds. Indicas generally produce larger seeds than Sativas. But all of this tells us nothing about the quality, or germination power of the seed, really. What’s more important if you want to know about the viability of marijuana seeds, is their production method.

The Secret Of Our Marijuana Seeds

At Spliff Seeds we do our utmost to make the production conditions of our seeds as optimally as possible. To start, a careful selection process takes place, since we only allow the best parent plants (phenotypes) for our cannabis seeds. Then, we carefully determine when to pollinate the mother plants, because the moment of pollination is crucial for the making of powerful marijuana seeds. We also nurture our mother plants as best as possible, using only the best, and fully organic products and soil.

nice photo of 3 marijuana seeds

Only The Best Marijuana Seeds

After the optimal culture conditions delivers a good harvest of seeds, the real work begins for us. We manually select the best marijuana seeds for further testing on viability. At this stage, we also keep a close watch on the percentage of female seeds. Only the seeds which are still in the game after this point, are now ready to be packaged and sold. All of our marijuana seeds are always kept at a temperature of four degrees Celsius. This is the best temperature for marijuana seeds to retain their optimum viability. You can even store seeds up to five years this way.

Viable Marijuana Seeds

So now, when you buy our marijuana seeds, you can be sure that you purchase powerful and viable seeds. Because you now know that they are produced under the best circumstances. Spliff Seeds has been producing powerful marijuana seeds with excellent viability since 1995!