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In this video you see the correct way to germinate Cannabis seeds as demonstrated by using a glasses with water and a handful of seeds. This video shows how when cannabis seeds are planted correctly in the soil about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) deep, the tap root responds by growing down as an anchor. Once the tap root is anchored down then the top of the plant is able to grow. If you are germinating seeds, the pot or cup you use should be opaque so light cannot get through: seedlings prefer darkness in the root zone.

Problems When Trying To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

  • The medium is water logged.
  • The seed cannot breathe because there is no air in the medium.
  • The temperatures are too cold for the seed to open.
  • Too much fluctuation in room- and/or root zone temperature.
  • The medium is dried out.
  • The medium is too loose for the tap root to establish itself.

You can see how the hairy white roots push down towards the bottom of the cup. Once the top of the plant grows tall, these tap roots begin to branch out into tiny feeder roots. These feeder roots will search for the nutrition that is available in the medium, a soil perlite mix in this case. This method is the easiest way to germinate cannabis seeds as long as there is the right amount of warmth and air available to the medium.