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This video about how to scrog is a tutorial on how to become an expert in growing Marijuana with a screen. Many growers may not have heard about this “screen of green” style of growing but when utilised correctly, the resulting yields can be enormous. The way the “scrog” method works is that the screen or net will act as the starting point of the main canopy. As a result each of the plant’s new shoots will be allocated through to the part of the screen that is best suited for it. As shown in this video, using a screen is highly beneficial and is the start of creating a very large bushy canopy..

Scrog step 1

Plant Support With Scrog

A grower should really want to have a plant that has been pinched out several times, before actually applying a screen over the top. The principal is that the main shoots and all of the side branches grow on an even level. This gives small shoots which would have only been small flowers a chance to extend and grow into a main shoot that will then be given space in the screen. During the flowering period these plants will pack on some serious weight so the screen also acts as a support system for the over sized canopy.

A Scrog Needs Long vegging Periods:

If you are planning to scrog on a large scale, then the best thing to do is to veg the plants for as long as possible. Whilst building up to the flowering phase, this is the time when the grower should try the following:

Plant Training And Maintenance

The level of maintenance required during the growing phase is generally higher than with a sea of green operation. This is because there is so much growth in the screen that removing old leaf matter or growth sites that are not selected to grow as main shoots is essential. If you think about the art of scrog as controlling a 60cm high canopy of flowers, then the level of plant training and maintenance is almost double that of a S.O.G. operation, including removing the lower parts that fall below the screen.

Scrog step 2

Clearing Below The Screen

It can seem like you are butchering the plants when chopping off lower branches, yet this method is designed to direct all of the plant’s growth to the remaining foliage. Not only will this increase air flow underneath the plant, it carefully separates which part is for growing and which is not. The grower should look to remove all of the lower branches that are below the screen line and over the next few weeks, ensure there are no little shoots beginning to grow again. If so the grower should deter the growth by rubbing it over with their fingers and removing any signs of growth.

How To Make A Screen For Your Scrog

There are a few different ways to make the screen which will be used to grow the plants through. The most common method is to use chicken wire with 5 cm squares. These squares are the ideal size to be able to feed shoots through and can be easily attached to a home made wooden frame to hang on top of the plants. Another way of making the screen is to use plastic pea netting which comes in a green plastic pre-made net. As this is lightweight it can easily be applied over a canopy. Another alternative is to use thin bamboo shoots to create a wooden trellis (framework) that can be lowered over the canopy. Different types of screens for SCROG growing:

Scrog step 3
Scrog step 4
Scrog step 5
These methods should provide a few simple ways to start off your own scrog at home.