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The Green Sea

When growing Marijuana, you may have come across the phrase ‘S.O.G’ which means sea of green. In this video, brought to you by Grower MD, you see a huge grow room in day 56 of flowering. This grow room is a perfect example of how a sea of green setup works. As the name suggests this method of growing involves filling out the canopy to the point of the entire room being a green sea! This means that that as many plants as possible will produce a huge harvest that is easy to maintain.

sea of green setup

Sea of Green Maximize your Grow Space

Many grow videos online talk about growing massive indoor and outdoor plants but never really cover smaller grow spaces with limited height. The setup in this video is a great example for the home grower who choses to grow inside a cupboard or wardrobe. The way a sea of green should be set up, in order to achieve results as shown in this video, is to place the pots so they grow in a square formation. To give you a better idea, a grow tent that is 1 metre squared can hold many 9-12 good sized plants growing in a uniform way. A tent of say 1.8 m² would hold 18-24 plants. In a sea of green grow there should be no space where light can pass through the canopy.

Smaller Plants Work Best With Sea Of Green

When growing Marijuana, this technique works really well at ensuring the plants stay uniform. If you are growing an Indica dominant strain the the final results should be a hedge-like canopy of 70cm tall plants. If you are growing strains that are more Sativa dominant, you will need to support the plants at some stage to avoid the plants falling over. This is where a screen or net is used as a trellis to hold up the canopy tops. Sea of green works really well when the plant is left untrained for the duration of the grow, as sometimes there will be so many plants that training becomes too difficult and time consuming. Sativa strains can end up with a canopy which is not uniform and neat so it is best to find out which strains we recommend for sea of green and scrog grows. This can save a lot of time and hassle later down the line when flowering your plants.

No Walkways

As you can see in this video after 56 days of flowering, the entire room is full of nothing but top heavy buds. To ensure they are utilising all of the available space, the grower decided not to create room to work around the plants and did not add a walkway.. If your grow space is not as large as the one shown here, still keep the concept of having plant matter in every space that receives light in mind. Grower MD chooses to grow Green Crack which is a medium high plant with a main central bud. As you can see this strain works very well for a sea of green setup as they stay neat and uniform and will be easy to harvest.

The following strains are good for a sea of green setup: Snow white, Bubblegun, Spliff Strawberry, AK.

4 Versus 1

A good example of how to imagine how a sea of green works is if you consider that for one large sized plant, there will be 4 smaller plants growing in the same sized patch. By using 4 plants instead of 1, a grower can obtain much higher yields per lamp and per square meter. Because the plants stay smaller most budding sites are concentrated in central colas, this makes harvesting easier as well. If you were to do this on a large scale like a greenhouse or large indoor space, where you may have grown 6 large plants, you can now grow 30-40 smaller sized plants and harvest all of them together. When growing marijuana, more plants will generally mean more flowers if grown successfully, this is the main reason that sea of green setups work so well.