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In this video you will see Snow White feminised growing in a Scrog. This strain is a hybrid of Northern Lights x White Widow x C99. The result is a one central cola heavy yielding easy to grow plant that will finish in 9 weeks. The flavours that can be expected are a candy skunk goodness that is super fruity. The C99 was famous for the soft candy peach flavour and this strain has the flavour as well as the power that C99 did not have.

The grower germinates 5 feminised seeds and plants up into coco and perlite. The plants grow very quickly and it is not long before a screen is needed to really max out the canopy. You see there is a central cola dominance and as the plants fill out with bud sites, there is a huge top bud that forms. The buds are bright white with a huge trichome cluster.

This strain is super easy to grow and the effect of the huge harvests are narcotic candy buds that stays low and around 60cm. Certainly one to recommend for the bedroom grower with not a lot of space. A super productive plant that has this grower happy with 9 curing jars full to the top!