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In this video brought you to exclusively by Remo aka ‘ Urban Grower ‘, he talks you through the way to stake cannabis plants to get the most out of your canopy. Using simple bamboo cane and plastic zip ties, he demonstrates this easy to do and highly beneficial technique.

As remo shows you his monster plants, he explains why extra support leads to extra buds. All of Remos plants are started off in tomato cages and as you will see, his plants are in need of some serious support. Remo likes to stake in week 3 and week 4 of flowering, once the plants start to pack on some serious size.

By the end of this 14 minute video, you will have seen how to stake like a pro and how to grow insane plants as he has in his medical marijuana garden. The benefits of staking and fully supporting the branches are the plant will focus more on bud development. In the same way a broken arm will recover in a cast also the grower will not need to worry about branches snapping due to excess weight.