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Super Skunk Female Cannabis Seeds

Super Skunk Female Cannabis Seeds
Number of seeds in packaging: 5 Spliff and Marijuana Seeds
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Super Skunk Female Cannabis Seeds

60% Sativa. Genotype:(Afghani #1 x Skunk no.1) x  Afghani. Musky,skunk aroma and skunky, sweet flavor. Tall, massive buds. Mold and disease resistant. Easy to grow. Potent euphoric head high and body buzz. Potential THC level medium-high.

Super Skunk has Afghani and Skunk No. 1 as ancestors. She is an Afghani inbred-line polyhybrid with a slight tendency to its cannabis Sativa parentage. She has a medium to high THC level, so Skunk lovers check this out! As any Skunk she is very mould and disease resistant and is virtually screw-up proof. Super Skunk is quick to germinate, usually within a day. We advise a short 3 week vegetative period. Our Super Skunk is quite uniform thanks to an extensive selection and backcrossing process. All plant are similar in appearance and yield.  Easy to trim thanks to a great flower-to-leaf ratio.  The Super Skunk produces larges buds with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio.  She is medium green and has medium broad leaves.

Smell of the buds is strong; from lemonscented to musky and sweet. The flavor is typical skunk with a touch of fruit. The smoke gives you a powerful, euphoric body high with a little more body than its predecessor Skunk No.1. Medicinal value: stress, anxiety, nausea and muscle pain.


Suited for: Indoor (I) Outdoor (E) zone C
Flowering: I) 10-11 weeks   E) October / november
Plant height: I) 1.20-1.50 m   E) 1.80-2.50 m
Yield: I) 500-600 gr/m²   E) 450-550 gr/plant
Difficulty: Medium    

Cannabis seeds like a humidity of around 70% during germination and a temperature of around 20-27 degrees. Preferably use a propagator for easy manipulation of temperature and humidity. Germination starts off in the dark and after hatching the seeds are placed in the light. During the growing stage they should have 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Cannabis seeds can easily be stored for 2 years in a dark and cooled space without losing much of its germination power.

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