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In this video you will see one of our best tasting sativa hybrids. This strain we call Sweet ‘N Sour because of the intense pineapple to sour grapefruit taste these flowers possess. This strain is an 80% Sativa with Mexican Haze x Princess x Skunk No 1 x Hawaiian Sativa. The plants grow vigorously as this grower produces fantastically floral sweet nugs, with hints and backgrounds of citrus, grapefruit and pineapple. You can see the plants grow almost triangle shaped buds due to its’ Sativa lineage.

Ronsons grows 5 of these feminized cannabis seeds and after 16 days, pinches the plants out to promote bushier wide plants. Also this keeps the canopy to a height he is happy with 4 days later, flowering is induced and you will see after 8 days of bloom how the canopy really takes off. After 28 days of bloom notice how the colas are forming the whole way up the plants. Thin long Sativa leaves and monstrous flower sites build up.After 8 weeks of flowering time, these monster buds are ready for harvesting.

Ronsons notices the high is a soaring cerebral head high, almost trippy to smoke! An old school Sativa classic that makes you wanna laugh, smile and eat. This strain is excellent for appetite, energy and creativity due to its very high THC levels. In total 414 grams after 105 days seed to harvest.