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This gorgeous nugg is Sweet & Sour, found at 1e Hulp in Amsterdam. 1e Hulp, or Eerste Hulp, means “first aid” in Dutch. As one of the highest rated coffee shops in Amsterdam, Eerste Hulp carries quite a selection of top-shelf buds. Located off of Rozengracht and Marnixstraat, 1e Hulp is in Amsterdam’s popular Jordaan district. Jordaan is known to travel junkies and photographers as one of the most stunning places in the world thanks to its tree-lined canals, clean walkways and vibrantly colored shops and homes.

1e Hulp offers a broad array of cannabis strains, from indica to sativa to middle-of-the-road hybrids. Sweet & Sour is a Spliff Seed strain developed in Amsterdam. A strong Sativa, this strain’s forefathers are Mexican Haze, Princess, Shiva Skunk and Hawaiian Sativa. Spliff’s expert growers bred these plants over multiple generations until they gave the smoker a perfectly balanced high. Sweet & Sour makes the smoker feel energized, yet at peace – with reduced pain and increased creativity.
Buds are lime green with gorgeous red hairs. The structure is very dense for a Sativa, which are normally fluffy. Nuggs are very frosty and give a nice, strong high. This strain goes for 12 € per gram at the 1e Hulp and is definitely a premium plant.