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Sweet ‘n Sour Grow Report by Master Kroblo

10 “Sweet n Sour” seeds , the best 5 remain. Soak the seeds for 3 hours and at 24c in a mix of Spa-blue / Rhizotonic. Then put the seeds in the germination “Performa” plugs , also by Bio Ibo.The seedlings can grow for more than a week in those plugs. The plugs are pre-watered , and need to be at constant 24c in a propagator. The seeds about 2mm under the surface , 24 hours in darkness , then 48 hours under light , and most will be born.

I use T-neon 150W for the week of growth at 18/6 ( light/dark ). When the seedlings are 1 week old , they are ready to go into the fertilized “Supermix” soil, made available by This soil contains enough nutrients for about 3 weeks , so no extra feeding is needed.

Soak the seeds for 3 hours and at 24c in a mix of Spa-blue / Rhizotonic
Soak the seeds for 3 hours and at 24c in a mix of Spa-blue / Rhizotonic
Day 1 65 hours after the start , they are all born .
Day 1 65 hours after the start , they are all born .
4 cannabis plants with 4 cannabis plants
Nice rooting!
After 24 hours of darkness , there is already life in the seeds.
Soak the seeds for 3 hours and at 24c in a mix of Spa-blue / Rhizotonic
5 days old , ready to go to their 11 liter buckets.
5 days old , ready to go to their 11 liter buckets.
Sweet n sour pineapple
9 days old , 4 days in their homes for the next 9-10 weeks. Hope the buds get as thick as the pineapple ,they also have the taste soo…
Day 19 ( march 24 , 2014 )

14 days in their buckets and on 12/12 , I removed the covers , the leafs are big enough now , to give shade on the surface , also the 1st time they got something to drink in 14 days. Just plain tapwater at 27c ( the Ph value here is 5.8 ) with some root stimulator. Next week they will be double as tall.Signs of blooming can be seen mostly after the 4th week 12/12 , that’s normal with plants out of seed. The girls love the 1000W sun and the temperature is 27.5c with the light on, 22c in the dark.

Humidity is 40%, way enough for seed-plants. Clones need very high humidity, seedling don’t. Still amazing that these girls can be harvested in about 60 days.

Day 26

21 days on 12/12. They are already bigger than a pineapple , and I was surprised to see bloom already , also nice internodes. It’s a fast bloomer. Unbelievable what happens in 7 days , every time again.

After a week I will start giving some bloom feeding , they look pretty healthy and green so far. Temperature is 28c in the sun , and 22c when they sleep. Looks like a great holiday for the girls.

They will have some showers, twice a week , for the last week , when I start giving additives, no more showers (could be bad for the leaves), only cocktails of ½ a liter per day, then only water the next day. That depends on the weight of the pots , still a bit heavy ,then watering the next day, its just.. don’t dry them out, don’t drown them!

Day 33

28 days on 12/12, still enjoying a shower every other day, except for the day that they got some soil component.

I start with 2.5 ml on 1 liter of water, once a week, then twice a week. after 2-3 weeks double doses, and also Blooming nutriciens and PowerTop.

bio-g power booster
bio-g power top
The girls look perfectly healthy, and still keep growing I hope these buds are double as thick every week.

35 Days 12/12
We are going in week 6 of blooming , today I doubled the doses of the Soil Component , and the girls also got their first feeding with Bloom3 , and for the fatness of the buds Power Top. This are all the additives they will get for the next 3 weeks , then for the last 2 weeks only plain water.

Bio 3 & Bloem
Bio 3 & Bloem
Power Top
Power Top
Sweet n sour-with pineapple
Sweet n sour-with pineapple
Day 47
42 days on 12/12
All the girls feel pretty happy , some different bud structure , but they all really smell like grapefruit/pineapple.

The left mainbud is as long as a 2 liter bottle, the right mainbud is more like a grapefruit, and that’s possible, those are the 2 fruit flavours, you can really smell those aroma’s when you touch the plants and smell your hand.

sweet 'n sour 42 days on 12/12
sweet 'n sour 42 days flowering
Day 54

49 days on 12/12

Nothing to say, they do really well , I think about another 4 weeks to go, Everything is still beautiful green, no autumn to be seen.

Sweet 'n Sour 49 days on 12/12
49 days on 12/12
Day 61

56 days on 12/12. The 1st signs of autumn are there , so max 3 weeks to go. This is the last week of bio-flower and power top additives, Building it off already, 1 day plain water after 1 day of adds. The last 2 weeks only water .

Sweet 'n Sour 56 days on 12/12
Sweet 'n Sour day 61
Even a but growing out of a leaf ???? I wear a necklace for many years, that shows the same thing, never knew what it was and still don’t.
cannabis necklace
 A bud growing out of leaf
Day 68

63 says on 12/12 , exactly 9 weeks of flowering , still about 2 to go. Still very healthy , and a great yielder ! Very fat mainbud on 1 ,really size pineapple, and a very long mainbud on the other , baseball bat size , almost 60 cm in length. They only get plain tapwater for the last 2 weeks , every water gift a bit colder , ending with icewater , the plants will think winter is coming , and will try to get fertilized by all means and boost out all THC .

sweet 'n sour 63 days on 12/12
sweet 'n sour 68 days
Day 75

Exactly 10 weeks of 12/12, the baseball bat girl is ready to harvest , the trichomes are all milky , some little spots are going brown/amber. The Pineapple girl needs a few more days , she has mostly clear trichomes and some ( 20% ) are milky. Very easy to cut, and stone hard buds, some buds also have purple colours, looks and smells very fruity, sweet, citrus.

sweet 'n sour harvested
sweet 'n sour ready for drying
After 1 week of drying in complete darkness and at 25c , the result is Great !!
It’s a hudge yielder , big hard nuggets from the botten to the top , and the taste and smell are amazing , really the taste of the pineapple terpines.

Thx to Spliff seeds , and bio-ibo for the really Perfect soil and additives! I think it’s the best soil there is on the market , produced by the Jiffy Group.