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In this video from Medical Marijuana Cure, you will learn about how to tell if the flowers you are smoking, were flushed correctly and as a result leading to the final taste and experience. There is talk about the dangers of inhaling left over matter into our bodies and how to ensure we stay as healthy as possible in the meantime!

Here you will learn how properly cured Cannabis will allow you to enjoy the most out of your buds and especially with the taste factor. When Cannabis is incorrectly flushed, then the user can experience a harsh taste and often cough. The ash will become black and charcoal looking as opposed to a smooth light grey soft ash. As new people start to grow, many can not be sure of the correct fertiliser to use as a beginner.

The reason why plants need to be flushed correctly is because of salt build up left behind. This videos shows you how to correctly measure the salt build up by using an E.C meter and PPM stick which will indicate what amount of undissolved salts there are. This video explains how using Reverse Osmosis can help and how next time you get your buds, just simply do the ash test and see what you’re left with.