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Whether you’re growing cannabis in an indoor garden for medical or recreational purposes, controlling the cannabis smell can prove to be a tricky task, especially if you’re cultivating a strain that has a pungent terpene profile, such as Spliff Seeds very own Super Skunk, Spliff Cheese or Snow White.

Most consumers of cannabis find its unique odor to be quite appealing. But unfortunately for those of us that grow indoors, that same enjoyable cannabis smell is instantly recognizable, and could cause unwanted difficulties from would-be rippers, or worse yet, law enforcement.

Ona neutralizes odor apple crumble

ONA products (Odor Neutralizing Agent) are great for removing unwanted odors from your living spaces. Don’t use them in your grow space though, or your plants might lose their smell too!

Keeping Your Garden’s Cannabis Smell Under Control

While cannabis plants in the vegetative stage can tend to release a strong cannabis smell, the most important room to keep odors under control in is your flowering or bloom room. One way to have power over grow room aromas is to select a strain that doesn’t produce a heavy cannabis smell, like our Bubblegum or Polm Gold. Choosing a low-odor, stealthy-scented strain is definitely the best place to start when attempting to maintain a stench free indoor garden.

Low Cost Solution For Cannabis Smell Control

If you are only cultivating a couple of plants in your indoor garden, then it would be practical for you to utilize a low cost odor neutralizing product. The most popular and widely used of these product types are air-neutralizing gels which comes in large and small containers and are trouble-free to use. You merely open the container in the locality of your grow plot and the product neutralizes the cannabis smell without creating any substitute smell itself.

Most Popular Choice For Controlling Cannabis Smell

Carbon filter setup #1: Using a carbon filter to control the cannabis smell in your indoor garden is the most dependable and most effective method used by indoor cannabis cultivators worldwide due to its efficiency. Also referred to as ‘carbon scrubbers’, these types of units are a must have for anyone growing cannabis indoors that needs to neutralize the odor that is emitting from your garden.

Carbon filter + fan for controlling cannabis smell

Good air circulation is essential for growing cannabis! This basic setup shows all the essentials you need for a proper grow.

These filters use ‘activated’ carbon in order to draw the cannabis smell from the air via a chemical process that neutralizes the odor completely. A fan with a high m3/min ratio is used to draw/pull air through the carbon filter, which then ‘scrubs’ the marijuana smell away leaving the environs of your indoor grow space odor free. You can connect these types of filters to the inline exhaust system used to cool your high intensity discharge (HID) lighting or use them independently to help control the cannabis smell in your grow space.

Carbon filter setup #2: You can also setup what’s referred to as an air ‘polishing’ unit, which merely involves choosing the right size carbon filter for your grow space that is combined with a fan with the proper m3/min ratio. You simply place said unit in the corner of your grow space or install it to hang from the ceiling, which will then recycle the air in your grow room repeatedly through the carbon filter to clear the room of cannabis smell.

Air polishing unit for controlling cannabis smell

Fans and filters dont have to be huge, light weight carbon filters like this Can-Lite filter can easily be installed in virtually every grow space.

It’s highly recommend to use a short length of exhaust ducting between the fan and carbon filter. Utilizing exhaust ducting will help to avoid the fan vibration passing through to the carbon filter. The fan’s vibration may perhaps cause the carbon at the top of the filter to settle, which would allow air to move through the filter going unprocessed. Even a piece of flexible exhaust ducting a few inches in length placed between the fan and carbon filter is adequate to keep this predicament from transpiring. Regardless of which of these methods you choose to utilize, keeping the cannabis smell under control is always an important aspect to consider when contemplating starting an indoor cannabis garden of your own.