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Trimming Cannabis 101

In this video brought to you by The School Of Hard Nugs, there is a super simple step by step guide to how to take your freshly cut plants and wet trim. Trimming Cannabis can be hard work and is the difference to how aesthetically pleasing your final crop will look

Ready For The Chop!

Trimming Cannabis is the same as a farmer harvesting their crops. It is the end process and even tho one most want to do as quickly as possible, The School Of Hard Nugs explains how patience is important and in this step by step 7 minute video, you will see a live trim from start to finish.

Step 1 Trimming cannabis remove The Fan Leaves

Trimming step 1

During this part of the video, there is a live demonstration for you to clearly see what to do. Here this trimmer using a pair of scissors explains in detail what the fan leaves are and which bits need removing. Trimming Cannabis involves removing all of the leaf matter with no trichomes. 

Step 2 Trimming cannabis  remove And Save Sugar Leaves

Trimming step 2
The trimmer explain how he purposely saves the fan leaves with resin on if trimming Cannabis.. The reason for this is for hash or edibles or some type of extraction. When trimming the sugar leaf, the intention is to give the buds a haircut and manicure the buds to make it look more presentable. Always use the fine tips of the scissors you are using when trimming Cannabis and take your time.

Step 3 Trimming cannabis hook It Up And Hang

Trimming step 3
Once you have trimmed away all of the fan leaves and sugar leaf, you should have a manicured plant ready to hang. The trimmer here explains how the easiest way to do this is and even shows an example of some hanging buds in the dry room. Follow these 3 simple steps and you will have great success with trimming Cannabis. Related information: trimming cannabis step by step guide.