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In this video Dr Lester Grinspoon, a specialist in the study of schizophrenia, is interviewed about the physiological usefulness of medical marijuana. He explains how the media and current laws have created a grey area for the use of marijuana. This video contains several interviews with other doctors and scientists who speak about the medical aspects of using Cannabis.

Dr Lester Grinspoon started accepting the use of medical marijuana when his son went through chemo therapy and was in constant pain. Cannabis was actually prescribed as a form of medication up to 1937 until strict laws made the frame work for the fight on Cannabis today. More recently Cannabis laws have become more lenient in many countries, especially for medical use. Dr Lester Grinspoon has experienced different levels of legality and has seen cannabis laws go from zero tolerance to the introduction of a medical marijuana tax.

A very informative video that shines light on Cannabis regulations by through interviews with government professionals. To learn more about what Cannabis does to the brain, watch the video that explains how cannabis affects the brain.