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A Guide To Watering, Nutrients And pH

This short animated video by Weed Busters is a simple guide to watering and feeding your Cannabis plant. He mentions the number one mistake that beginner growers make when feeding plants and how to correctly apply water and nutrient solutions. The video goes on to explain that pH plays an important part in growing marijuana.

How Often Should I Water My Cannabis Plant?

finger in soil to test if the cannabis plant needs water

The number one mistake new growers make is over watering Cannabis plants, which means that they are giving the plant too much water. He recommends to ensure watering correctly by poking a finger in the soil to see how dry it is. This way a grower can easily estimate the best time to water Cannabis plants by determining how saturated the medium is. The next tip is to then water and once you notice water drip through at the bottom of the pot, repeat the first step until the medium is wet but not soaked. 


how to dose your cannabis nutrition

The video emphasizes that it is better not to give your young Cannabis plant full strength nutrients from the beginning. Instead, a slowly increasing dosage of nutrients is recommended. It is also a good idea to alternate feedings and waterings without any nutrients to prevent the overuse of nutrients. Similar to over watering Cannabis plants, too much nutrients can do a lot of damage. Always follow the guidelines of your nutrient feeding chart but work with smaller doses to avoid cannabis nutrient problems. For new growers, it is a good idea to grow an easy line like AK automatic or Cheese Automatic in soil because fast finishing autoflowering Cannabis varieties can get by without using any additional nutrients.

pH Testing:

pH ranges for best nutrition uptake

The roots of a Cannabis plant will only absorb nutrients efficiently if the pH of the medium or solution is correct. You should make it a habit to test the pH of your water before and after applying nutrients. By doing this you will have a fair reading of the new pH level. It is also advised to check the runoff from the nutrients to check any changes again. Always keep pH between 6.3-6.8 for soil and between 5.5-6.1 for hydroponics. To make sure your Cannabis plant will keep doing well, buy pH adjusting products to regulate your water and nutrient solutions and check your soil pH twice a week.