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In this long documentary produced by CNN, the question asked in this well researched video is: “Is Cannabis bad for you or good for you?” What does it do to you and what does it do to your children? Dr Sanjay Gupta took an entire year to review the stance on Cannabis as a non user himself. This American based video will show you how Cannabis use has gone from being underground, to many states now allowing people to legally grow and sell Cannabis. American laws are different by state, so legalization of cannabis in some states does not change its status in other states, creating a grey area between the consumer and governing bodies.

The video starts off in Colorado where it is legal to smoke medicinally as well as recreationally. Before the 1930s, the use of Cannabis was used and prescribed by doctors as a form of medicine. Once drug laws changed, Cannabis has made its way back to our homes and remains easily accessible not only in America, but all over the world. Reefer Madness was produced as a deterrent against Cannabis use. The original stereotype of the wild stoner who would run people over whilst staring at the sky, was created in this time. By 1937, Cannabis became illegal in America due to it having zero medicinal value and its high risk of abuse.

The Stanley Brothers are interviewed and they give their spin on Cannabis laws. You will see in their greenhouses and dispensaries and see Cannabis has been involved in their family. The Stanleys have worked on a strain that is unique as it is 21% CBD and less than 1% THC. This single handedly helped blow the doors open on the medical marijuana laws in America. The documentary covers the lives and stories of current day medical users and the viewer has a true insight into the benefits and the quality of life Cannabis offers. Many of the patients have never used Cannabis recreationally or have never even smoked, so we see how the application of Cannabis is universal and is used for all types of medical conditions. We see Charlotte, the little girl who is now famous for Charlotte’s Web CBD strain, as she was the first real break through who had parental support regarding Cannabis for minors. The reporter catches up with Charlotte after one year to see the progression from 300 seizures a day to just one per week.

Despite all of the advances with Cannabis, there are still many skeptics in America that oppose Cannabis rights and will do what they can to oppose the movement. This is a very good video that is suitable for all viewers and also a sign of the time that CNN has made an unbiased video for Cannabis. Now Israel is a big player in Cannabis testing and you are able to see Israel’s approach on CBD and Epilepsy. Since the 1970s Israel has been the medical marijuana research capital and in this very religious state, Cannabis does not contain the same stigma as it does in the political West.