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Medical Cannabis Refugees

In this follow up to ‘Weed Part 1‘, Dr Sanjay Gupta continues to follow medical patients. This video starts off with the political pressure that governors receive from desperate parents. We continue with the story of Vivian Wilson: another young girl who lived with constant seizures and fits. Bright lights, sounds and patterns can induce seizures and we see how Cannabis is used to help her have a normal life. The parents are interviewed and express how medical marijuana also changed their lives. There is such an imbalance in the United States at the moment that families have flocked to legal states in order to give their children medication. These people are now known as ‘Medical Marijuana Refugees’ as they are forced to abandon their current state to avoid breaking the law to treat their children. This video also gives you an insight in GW Pharmaceuticals and how they base their methods on the ‘entourage effect’. The basic idea of the entourage effect is that all cannabinoids work together to affect the body in a mechanism similar to the body’s own endocannabinoid system. By looking at experimental setups in regulated labs, you see the level of investment and research associated with medical marijuana in this state.

Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Cannabis

Sativex spray was developed by GW Pharmaceuticals in order to treat spasms for M.S. patients. Theresa Pointer was diagnosed with M.S. in 2004, you see how Sativex is used as a form of medication. It took a long time before the medical benefits of cannabis for people with epilepsy became well documented enough to be socially accepted, since then medicinal cannabis use has greatly improved the lives of many of these patients. Similarly, there are now over 2.3 million M.S. patients worldwide; many of these patients can also turn to Cannabis as a suitable medicine without the side effects of most M.S. medication. Theresa explains how she turned to Cannabis as a last resort after years of struggling with pain and exhaustion and being fed up with taking pills. As a neuroscientist whose work is based on the nervous system, Dr. Sanjay Gupta can really relate to this story. The Stanley Brothers make a return in this video and are able to take Charlotte’s Web CBD strain to California. Now they are helping other states legalise medical marijuana so it is safely accessible to patients and children.

Legality medical Cannabis in U.S.A.

This documentary avoids the stigmas of recreational Cannabis and talks about people who genuinely require it for medical reasons. Families are being forced to leave state and move somewhere where the law works in their favor, just to improve the lives of their children and family members. With the movement towards legalisation stronger than ever before, the U.S Government is now facing increasing pressure to work with the people rather than against them. Many high ranked political figures are now beginning to make the right choices and are starting to encourage people to reconsider the legal status of medical Marijuana. Currently, the main issue is making sure it can be regulated and taxed by a governing body. Part two provides a great follow up to the first video and is definitely something to roll a nice joint to and take in all the info.