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Unfortunately this video was deleted by youtube. It looked at 3 phenotypes of K Train. In this L.E.D grow room, you will see the strain which is a Trainwreck x O.G Kush cross. In particular there are 2 phenotypes that we look at. Here you will actually see one that is very tall and one that is very short.

Unfortunately this is not a good sign for growers who are seeking stability in the plants they are growing out and dedicating their time too. You will see how one plant is nearly ⅙ of the Trainwreck phenotype. This grower is unhappy with the difference in variety and even talks about how he has ended up with 4 foot lanky plants, whilst he originally intended for a small squat phenotype of what he refers to as the ‘ correct K Train pheno ‘.

You can see how one half of the grow room is dominated by tall lanky plants that will take 90 days to fully flower. Whilst there are a few of the desired phenos, this grower has learnt his lesson and will not grow again with that particular seedbank and waste their time and money again.