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What Does Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Line Stand For?

We have three lines; Bronze line, Silver line and Gold line. The Bronze and Silver Line both hold our regular strains. The Bronze Line is a blend of hybrids and strains of the past. They are produced on a large scale with large batches of seed readily available. The price of a pack of Bronze line is low and geared towards tourist and people with a tight budget that do want to buy quality Spliff Seeds genetics. 

The Silver Line is where it all started for us back in 1995, although we didn’t call it the Silver Line back then. The Silver Line is a collection of famous genetics, such as; AK, Blue Berry and White Widow. 
And then, last but not least, is our Gold Line, which houses ourt feminized collection. 25 strains in total, consisting of a great number of wellknown strains and an extensive collection of exlusive and exiting hybrids.
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