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There is an increasing demand for CBD-rich medical marijuana strains. There are even several seed banks popping up that exclusively breed CBD strains. Spliff seeds is part of the medical marijuana movement and invests heavily in breeding quality genetics for this purpose. Because of the advances in isolating cannabinoids, as well as medical breakthroughs we have decided to invest heavily in developing new CBD-rich strains. We have recently introduced 2 new CBD strains to our wide range of seeds.


THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, this is the most popular and abundant cannabinoid available from the cannabis plant. THC is a psychoactive chemical, its consumption can lead to feelings of euphoria. THC has been used to combat chronic pain, nausea, stress, sleep disorders as well as appetite loss. The negative side of THC is that it can cause paranoia and can lead to anxiety when used in high doses.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, this substance has recently become very popular due to its lack of a psychoactive effect and the fact that it is legal. CBD actually counteracts the effects of THC and can help against hypertension, chronic pain, MS, inflammation, insomnia and epilepsy. This means that many of these illnesses can be treated with CBD legally from the comfort of your own home. CBD oils and CBD strains with extremely low THC content are even beneficial for children as it the low THC levels will have a much less of a sedative effect. The development of CBD strains was a giant breakthrough for medical marijuana, medicinal effects are now possible without a debilitatingly strong high.

This video tells the story of the most well known CBD variety, Charlotte’s Web, which was developed to treat a young girl named Charlotte’s epileptic seizures. Charlotte’s story is changing the way people look at medical Marijuana.

Smoking High CBD Strains Is Different

The buds of an average Cannabis plant will contain around 15-22% THC. Most veteran or daily smokers at least have developed a higher tolerance to the cannabinoid THC and are used to this level of THC content. If you are accustomed to high intakes of THC, you will certainly not feel a heavy psychoactive effect from the typical CBD strain. The CBD Medi Kush from our collection for example has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. In the case of CBD Medi Kush, this means a THC content of 9% THC with an equal CBD content of 9%. Consuming this strain through smoking or edibles will cause an evident body stone which can lead to a sleepy, heavy feeling. As the THC and CBD are of the same ratio however, a medical Marijuana user will not be overwhelmed by the psychoactive element. This is particularly important for anyone who is not used to Cannabis as is looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

So CBD Is Similar To THC?

Yes and no. The two are similar in the sense they both belong to the cannabinoid family of terpenes. However, the overall effect of both cannabinoids, but especially CBD is still being investigated. THC is known to stimulate the mind and appetite, and can lead to you getting the “munchies” and a more energetic high. CBD on the other hand is responsible for the feeling of complete relaxation. CBD is a good remedy for many kinds of inflammation and it gives medical marijuana many of its medicinal properties

THC and CBD are the main active molecules in medical marijuana

Organic chemistry makes it clear that very minor differences can make compounds have completely different characteristics. In this picture you can see that THC and CBD are only different in two places.

CBD Is Legal

CBD can be found in minute traces from hemp. Because it does not have any psychoactive effects CBD has remained perfectly legal. THC does have psychoactive effects and is therefore banned in most countries. This is a problem for CBD production, as even the strongest CBD strains still contain THC. If there is enough THC in a cannabis plant it is classified as an illegal substance, making most CBD strains illegal. Once produced however, the sale of CBD products like tinctures and oil is perfectly legal in many countries.

cbd oil

CBD products are completely legal in most countries. Now that we are finding out more and more about the medicinal value of CBD, the production of CBD oils and other CBD products has grown exponentially.

Do make sure to keep up with the laws in your country, as the climate surrounding medicinal cannabis is rapidly changing. The UK government recently changed the status of CBD to an official medicine, forcing producers of CBD products to perform clinical research before selling anything. While more recognition for its medicinal properties is a step in the right direction, this move was executed in a way that makes things incredibly difficult for medical users.

CBD And Eating

Smoking any strain with a reasonable THC content can result in an increased appetite. This is in contrast with CBD, which is recommended to help with weight loss treatments as CBD actually suppresses appetite to some degree.

As for consumption of CBD, many medical users and non-smokers prefer edibles. Adding CBD oil to food that already contains oil is a sure way to guarantee your body is being medicated.

Example of medical marijuana in a chocolate bar

Medical Marijuana can be processed into very effective edibles. This chocolate bar contains 60mg of CBD per bar, giving it excellent medicinal properties.

CBD Has Many Health Benefits

CBD and medical marijuana are known to have many health benefits and more are being discovered by researchers on a daily basis. CBD has been suggested to improve the human body’s natural anti-tumor systems, aiding in the fight against cancer. CBD and THC have both been proven to have a strong anti inflammatory effect and can boost the immune system. This anti-inflammatory effect can improve blood flow in general and blood pressure in patients with hypertension. A broad anti-inflammatory effect has many applications, good everyday examples would be muscle soreness or a toothache. CBD likely improves the function of the small intestine, which can possibly improve the function of the kidneys, liver and bladder. Another more common medical use for CBD is treating insomnia, ensuring a good night’s rest.

Diagram Of Medical Marijuana Health Benefits

Different cannabinoids have different medicinal effects. CBD is especially versatile and can help with many different conditions.

Getting The Most Out Of CBD Strains

The best way to get the most out of any Cannabis plant is to make extracts. Extractions of CBD rich medical marijuana strains can be very powerful and extremely medicinal. Once in the form of an extraction like oil, isolator or dry sift, the extract is easy to work with when making edibles. CBD sprays are very practical and by mixing extracts with coconut oil or olive oil, capsules can be made with measured doses. This way you can ensure a long term supply is always at hand and get the most out of your high CBD strain of medical marijuana.

Try Spliff’s New High CBD Strains

Spliff Seeds is always in the process of developing newer, better strains. Recently a lot of our attention has been directed towards breeding new medical Marijuana strains with a high CBD content. We are very excited to introduce two beautiful new CBD strains:

CBD Medi Kush
CBD Spliff Berry

These two new strains have a high CBD content for excellent medicinal properties, but also retain a decent level of THC. There are many indications that a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is optimal for most medical marijuana applications. Whichever way you choose to consume your medical Marijuana, Spliff Seeds wishes you good health and a nice grow!