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Cannabis plants come in all different shapes and sizes, but not every grow room is built for 2 meter tall monster plants. Here at Spliff Seeds we’ve noticed that more and more people are interested in strains that stay as short as possible. To answer this question once and for all we’ve compiled an overview of what height our cannabis strains reach on average. So whether you’re looking to grow in a micro-cabinet, garden or on a balcony, check out this chart to find the best strain for you!

The dark green bars in the picture represent the average height each cannabis strain reaches in an “average” grow. The light green bars are our “record” heights and represent the maximum height we’ve observed with these strains. An “average” indoor grow includes 4 weeks of vegetative growth under an 18/6 light schedule before flipping to flowering. Our “average” outdoor grows are performed in the Netherlands and are planted during the first two weeks of May. Outdoor statistics, especially for our photoperiod strains, are highly dependant on the local climate, so make sure you factor this difference in!