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As we’ve specified on our cannabis blog, it’s imperative to control the aroma of cannabis that can emit from your indoor garden. One of the most effective ways to be in command of said odour is to utilize an activated carbon filter that is coupled with the appropriate size fan. Most gardeners growing cannabis indoors believe that the bigger the size of the carbon filter and fan, the better off you’ll be in terms of controlling the pungent aroma of cannabis emitting from your grow space. This is somewhat true, but both the fan and carbon filter are quite pricey items to purchase, so it’s best to determine what size of these items will best suit the size of your indoor cannabis garden rather than choosing a setup that’s a bit excessive.

As shown in this video, there’s a simple mathematical formula to help you conclude the proper size of fan and carbon filter you will need for your garden space. In order to determine the correct sizes, simply measure the length meter, width meter and height meter of your grow space and multiply them all together. This calculation will give the total cubic meters (m3) of your garden area, which will help you decide the fan and carbon filter size that will be most effective. Formula for calculating the active volume of your grow space: Length meter x Width meter x Height meter = Cubic meter (m3)

The sizes of carbon filters and their corresponding fans are listed by cubic meters/second and diameter. So, if your grow room calculates to be approximately 12 cubic meters in size, you will need a carbon filter and fan setup that is designed to handle that amount of volume or more.