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The world of cannabis seed prices looks like a jungle sometimes. So many strains, so many prices. But “a good start is half the work”, according to a famous Dutch saying. And that is surely true when growing cannabis: choosing high quality seeds for a reasonable price, is essential for any successful grow. And Spliff Seeds – since 1995 in Amsterdam – knows this best!

High (?) Cannabis Seed Prices

Why are the cannabis seed prices sometime that high, some people do wonder. That’s because there is a whole world of science behind that small seed. It takes a considerable amount of time, money and resources before the end product hits the shops.
Testing, testing and even more testing, improving, selecting, making it better and better and letting the best growers in the world run tests with a certain cannabis variety. And only if this complete test circuit has been successful, can Spliff Seeds present you the finest cannabis strains in the universe. And about the costs, Spliff prices are sharp and competitive and offer you a whole lot of value for your money. For instance, for as little as 9,90 euro you can already purchase 5 regular seeds!

Quality Cannabis Seeds

Quality Cannabis Seeds

Are The Cannabis Seed Prices Defining For Their Success?

Let’s not beat around the bush, there are some charlatans and bad companies on the cannabis seed market. People who want to make easy money and don’t take quality and service seriously, but still charge you a lot of cash for their seeds. Spliff Seeds prides itself in trying to satisfy every single customer. You will get guaranteed top quality cannabis seeds, and along with it free advice from growing experts! At first you might think that the cannabis seed prices are quite high, but if you harvest your excellent first class marijuana you will be convinced.

Why Do Cannabis Seed Prices Differ At Spliff Seeds?

As said, a cannabis seed does not just pop up in our stores, it takes a long and sometimes expensive growing process to get there. Once on sale there are price differences between the various varieties of top quality cannabis, and that’s simply because no marijuana strain is like the other. Some weed has been bred from rare genetics and are a lot harder to grow than other, more common species. You will understand that you pay more money for a unique – and therefore often beautiful and powerful! – cannabis strain than for a standard Skunk cannabis seed. Of course the cannabis seed prices are also based on the fact that they are regular or female. By buying female seeds you assure yourself of 100 percent female plants, that will produce tasty bud and will have you smoking ganja! That’s why you pay a little more. At Spliff you can buy female autoflowering seeds starting at 24,90 euro (5 seeds).

What Can I Learn Of The Prices At Spliff Seeds?

Spliff do not just sell you cannabis seeds, they are more than happy to help you with expert advice on how to grow successfully. So don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you don’t know exactly which marijuana strain suits you personally and your personal circumstances. And do not forget, at Spliff Seeds years of experience and knowhow of some of the world’s finest growers is included in the cannabis seed prices! Spliff Seeds would love to welcome you in their happy growing family!