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Intentional bending of branches to create a bushier plant with more buds. Start to supercrop once the plants have reached the height of about a foot (30-40cm). Take branches that are stretching between nodes and gently take the branch between thumb and index finger, squeeze gently until you hear a crunching sound. So it will bend easily without breaking. This does require practice. If done too hard the tissue of the plant might not be able to heal. If you haven’t bended it hard enough it will return upright within a few hours.

You might see a crack in the outside bark, but this will heal. Leave the plant for a few days to minize stress. Elbows will start to form where the branch has been bent. Allowing the branch to grow laterally first, before growing up again. Exposing the lower nodes and buds to full light. And to provide space for them to become big buds. Rather than sitting in the shade of leaves and big buds. It also helps strengthen the main stalk. This should only be done during the vegetative period.

Plant requires 2 to 3 weeks to change its metabolism, so change from growing to flowering. Then no more enzymes. When flowering starts cut some branches. Start at the bottom. This is beneficial to the plant because:

1) Improve the airflow under the plant.

2) When growing outdoor animals will not be able to climb the plant

3) Focus growth on the main bud

Flush once with a flushing solution of 5.5 PH and 1.2-1.3 EC level to keep salts from building up. PH 5.8.

Clones EC 0.4-0.6

Young plants 1.2-1.8

Flowering plant 1.8-2.2