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In this short video from you will learn one of the most important things to know, which is when to water your plants correctly. As a grower you will want to find the perfect balance between underwatering and overwatering. Sometimes growers can be overzealous and water their plants as often as they can, believing that the more they feed, the bigger the plants will get. This is true to some degree but if you consider the effects of incorrect watering times, you will understand the plant is not being pushed to its true potential. By watching this short video, you will learn many useful tips to help you become a better grower.

Picking Up The Pots

A very easy and effective way to determine if plants need watering, is by lifting the pots prior to watering and feeling the weight of the pot. Once you water the plants you feel the difference in weight due to the water in the medium. When you have done this once, you are able to work by feeling the pot. If the pot feels quite heavy then there is still no need to feed, however if the pot is relatively light you will know watering is due soon. Once the pot is as light as the first time you lifted it, be ready to water and repeat this process every time you want to water your plants. The only time your plants will need a large amount of water is during the flushing process, towards the last weeks of the blooming stage.

in this picture the pot is lifted to feel how much water is inside.

Feeling For Moisture

Another useful and very easy technique is to simply place a finger down the side of the pot to feel how moist the soil is. If there is soil on your finger once you have pulled it out you will know that there is still plenty of moisture left for the plants root to grow and search for food. Be careful not to damage the roots and be sure to check multiple spots per pot so you can get an accurate reading of how wet or dry the medium is.

The Plant Showing Signs

in this picture the grower puts his finger in the soil to feel the moisture.
under watered cannabis plants
The emphasis in this video is for growers to get a feel for when the plants need watering, rather than just watering them when you want to. The plant will take water and nutrients from the soil when it needs to and will show signs of wanting watering if it must. These signs can be bowing of the leaf and drying out of the leaf, which are clear indicators for a grower that the plants are under watered. Wilting plants are a sign of overwatering so always pay attention to what your plants are displaying. Look at your plants and feel their weight often and you will have happy healthy plants for sure.