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In this video you will see our White Widow Automatic. This variety is a 60% Indica and its genetics are Brazilian Sativa x South Indian x Northern Lights Special x Afghan Lowryder. This automatic version of the famous White Widow is a super reliable and easy to grow strain. It has an earthy incense smell and a smooth hash like after taste similar to old school kush. In this video, you will see how this automatic variety remains short and compact yet coated in trichomes. The original White Widow was notorious for very high THC levels, making this a great balance of high THC and a strong body stone.

This strain is ideal for Insomnia, anxiety, muscular pain, lumbar and joint pain. The Cultivader germinates 9 seeds and pots them up under 750 watts of Metal hallide and 435 watts of L.E.D. Organically feeding his plants, this grower, watch as the plants grow from 60cm to 90cm in the space of 6 days! The fan leaves and new growth becomes coated in trichomes, earning this strain its’ name. In 10 weeks these girls are ready for harvest and very easy to manicure the buds.

This strain finishes very early outdoors and is ideal for anyone who requires earlier fiishing varieties. This strain is great for Scrog or S.O.G as this grower clearly shows with 9 plants in one grow tent. Enjoy the video and feel free to review other videos and leave a comment.