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Dutch Blue Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds
(8 customer reviews)

Dutch Blue Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Number of seeds in packaging: 5



Dutch Blue Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica. Dutch Automatic x Blueberry x NL Special. High yields on small plants. Very fast autoflower from seed-to-harvest in 9-11 weeks. Blue hues in colder conditions. Fruity, earthy aroma and flavor.

Our Dutch Blue Automatic is the result of crossing Dutch Automatic, Blue Berry and Northern Lights Special. The result is a relatively potent, fast-finishing autoflowering variety with a unique fruity taste. Her Blue Berry heritage can cause leaves and buds to become blue or purple when grown in colder conditions.

Dutch Blue Automatic is another strain we recommend for beginners because she is extremely stable and easy to grow. Her resistance to cold, disease and pests make sure she is not bothered by colder climates. For maximum yields however she is best grown indoors under an 18/6 light cycle. Dutch Blue Automatic grows very fast making her ideal for hydro setup.

Dutch Blue Automatic has a fruity, earthy aroma and flavor that combines a hash-like indica taste with hints of fruit. When consumed the effect is relatively mild, providing an activating high with a slight body stone. This body stone becomes more prominent in higher quantities. Medicinal uses include alleviating ADHD, stress and anxiety.


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8 reviews for Dutch Blue Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

  1. Weeds Man

    تسلموا والله انكم كفو سلالة داج بلو اوتو طعم وائحة شي خرافي الله يبيض وجهكم

  2. lady_nugwitch

    It very tall and issues. I love her smell.

  3. Richard

    Excellent service & communication

  4. Sion

    Amazing strain very good for insomnia the taste is just incredible with this lady. Grow time for me was 9 weeks and dry time of 14 days and she gave a nice yeild being grown in a 16 litre fabric pot I will grow this strain again very soon as I am allready running low its that nice ??

  5. manukush

    bonjour a tous
    j’ai eu une graine en kdo je ne sais plus ou !!
    la germination est normale et assez rapide et actuellement elle est en 18/6 sous panneau led 1000w
    la plante se developpe bien jusque maintenant , je laisserais donc un autre commentaire apres la recolte

  6. Nafster

    The sheet info on this one.,.Needs an update 😀 .,., My last Dutch Blue yeilded 127 Grams of solid rock hard buds,.., Hight 110cm + 30cm for the pot totalt 140 cm ( 10L airpot )

  7. Nemesis One

    Grew two of these lovely little smelly girls, both under LEDs in 9L pots. (lightmix soil)
    Harvested plant one at 72 days , plant two at 81 days (both from germination)
    Plant one dry yielded : 62 Gr.
    Plant two : 86 Gr.
    Overall, very easy to grow, good strong plants, very good strudy growth.
    Smoke is really nice, a lot fruiter then i expected, very tasty indeed, effect is very euphoric excellent at night time with some music, very spiritual.

  8. Garry

    Excellent seeds! Fast and high-quality delivery. Seeds sprouted at once and continue to please with rapid growth, certainly, at due leaving and the correct selection of fertilizers. spliffseeds thanks

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